The New M.E. Generation

{February 15, 2016}   The Ex-Friend 23 – Bite-back words

As the month progressed, the way my friend talked and treated me got even more rude. One time I posted an article that made reference to a bad boss I once worked for.

It didn’t took long for him to reprimand me when he called and said, “I want you to go to your profile and delete that post right now!! I can’t believe that after I have advised you so much on what not to do, you have done something like this!!”

It was the type of scorn a parent would give to a child for doing something really bad. I know social media can be a double sword and one should be very careful about what’s being posted, but the way he reacted towards me, that I didn’t deserve.

He was beyond angry; his voice was one of those you should apply to people who have done something very nasty to you personally, like cheating, lying, back stabbing, betrayal. Anything that makes you question who that person really is and if one should keep having a relationship with them.

I was at work when he hit me with this low blow. Lucky for me I had my own work space, as holding back the tears was difficult to do.

“If you need to tell me something, go ahead, but not this way!” replied I.

That got him more upset. He placed all the blame on me. It’s true that I was the one who did it, but he didn’t see my reason for doing so, or cared if he had hurt me or not with his words.

It was his way or the highway, or as he always said, “de esto yo sí sé y me acuesto a dormir temprano” (I know what I’m saying, that’s why I go to sleep early). He never apologized for the way he reacted or admitted he could have said things in a different way.

What I saw from him was a total shift of character. The guy I knew would have sat me down, talked to me calmly, explaining how I should have approached this situation.

He used to be a person that thought that ‘things can happen to anyone’, or that perhaps we made mistakes because no one was there to guide us, or we just simply didn’t know any better.

That was one aspect of our friendship. We were always looking out for each other and if we did something wrong, we would tell each other in a good way.

We would listen to what we had to say, and things only needed to be said once because we knew it wouldn’t repeat again. That’s how things were between us.

“Tú haces lo que tú quieras” (you do whatever you want to do) was another quote of his. Had he being the previous person, he would have told me he didn’t think my post was the right thing to do, but would trust that I would then proceed in the best way for me, not demanding that I specifically do as he ordered or “te veo mal” (I don’t see you doing well).

The other aspect that was different was that he kept repeating himself on comments, especially on those I don’t agree with. If I said to him, “you’ve told me already, I don’t need to hear it again”, his anger would increase so much that you could feel the high temperature over the phone.

The ironic thing about all this is that he was treating me the same way his ex did to him: vengeful, attacking, demeaning, negative, badly critical, hateful, belittling.

Question is, why was he treating me this way? Is it because I had rejected him for not wanting a love relationship with him, which included moving from one place to the next with a very uncertain future?

Why are you venting your frustrations on me? What have I done to you that you hate me so much for?

Newsflash: if I don’t want you, and so it seems your bitchy ex, or perhaps other women, look at yourself on the mirror the next time you spend 4 hours at church, ‘praying on your knees until they peel’ as so you say, waiting from the one above to tell you what to do next.

Spoiler alert: you’re mean and a dick. I’m sure He would agree with me. Why? Because the Man in heaven and I both know what we’re talking about and will quietly sleep on it. Good night (not!).




























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