The New M.E. Generation

{May 30, 2016}   The Ex-Friend 37 – Not the season to be jolly

My next recollection of events was that the holidays were rapidly coming upon us, signifying 2 things: his birthday month and that he had told me the last time that we saw each other that, “no matter what happens, I will spending New Year’s with my mom, and you’re cordially invited to spend it with us.”

Instead, I got surprised with other types of ‘gifts’. First, my girlfriend (who this guy got to meet during my birthday weekend way back and now was also his social media friend) tells me that ‘that guy is back together with his girlfriend’. WTF?

I go online and, sure enough, there they were in a restaurant together, posing cheek-t0-check, with a caption that read to the extent of ‘thank you God for bringing us together again’ with religious and/or love emoticons. His profile picture had also changed and included the bitch, and she was hitting Like to anything he posted.

Wow, just a few months back he gave me a kiss, had expressed an interest in being with me, plus complained for over a year what a bad person this woman was, and now he’s back with her? Major slap in the face.

Even more, I came to the realization he had posted all those photos with me and ‘wasn’t hiding anything from anyone’ so that this woman would see them and make her jealous, most probably to agitate things between them again and get her back. In other words, he used me, big time, as a means to an end.

Those two never really disconnected from one another digitally, so this bitch saw all that this guy and I were posting online. That’s why them two were still having arguments and contact way after they broke up.

Him ‘not hiding anything’ meant he kept his profile public for everyone, especially her, to know about his whereabouts at all times.What an asshole this guy is; he always told me to keep things private, as one never knew the consequences a post could bring.

He knew what he was doing and did it all on purpose. Talking about ‘having an agenda’.

I texted him that ‘I can see you went back with her’, to which he replied ‘no, we’re not back together’. Liar, liar.

When December 24 occurred, I miraculously got a hold of him on the phone. I know I didn’t have to call him, but because of the season, made an effort to put my differences aside.

‘I wanted to call you before going to service…’; he almost didn’t let me finish the sentence, to say out loud instead ‘¡no dejes de ir a la iglesia!’ (don’t stop going to church!!), with a tone of voice that someone uses when ordering you to do something that if you don’t, you’re going to be very sorry for the outcome.

‘I’m on my way to church with (the bitch)’, continued he. Truth is he sounded very arrogant, like someone who wanted to show off in front of the whole world what a grand religious person he pretended to be, including that low-class human being.

He didn’t care of anything else about me; he didn’t wish me Merry Xmas, ask what my plans were, nothing at all. All that mattered to him was that I went to mass, because he was convinced it would ‘resolve’ all my issues just like he thought it would do with this toxic relationship of his.

I hanged up and didn’t call or text him the rest of the month. Of course the supposedly trip to be with his mom never happened. I saw the photos of him celebrating his birthday and the location was not his mom’s house.

He was dressed with a suit holding a cake with both hands. No one else were in the photos. He looked totally moronic and was now sporting a closed-mouth smile, one of those that psychologists define as ‘used by liars and people who have secrets’.

It’s sad to think that the friend I used to know would have called and tell me he couldn’t make it, that he was very sorry for misleading me into something even him couldn’t guarantee would happen.

He would have made every possible effort to be with his mom and if that couldn’t happen, it meant there were very powerful reasons beyond his control. But instead he chose to be with that other woman, the one he got to hate with a passion; the one with the so-called lesbian relationship; the one who lied, used and disrespected him; the one he never said anything good about.

Oh, there’s one: “I like getting home and finding a horny, naked woman in bed waiting for me.” That’s it. Actually, it’s not even good. It shows how sexual this guy is and that he went back with her just for that. Ok; no problem. I want to see how this will ‘feed’ you after your job ends and the bills pile up.

I later learned through other sources that the alleged story about the incident where he was kicked out of the house by his former work colleague and finding a place of his own was not how he painted it to be. Turns out the house’s owner didn’t told him to leave; this guy left it because he went to live with the bitch. And he made up this whole other lie to make his departure seem legit and fool me along the way.

I spent New Year’s with the same people I always do, and did it quietly and as with much peace as possible. My main resolution: tearing his whole being out of my life and tossing it as far as I could, the same way he did with his car’s license plate when he crossed the state line. In other words, a new year, a new me.

Does it hurt? Plenty. Does it bring me tranquility? I’m working on that. Am I going to get back at him for all he’s done? Let’s say I have my own secret agenda and he’s at the top of the list. Check!



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