The New M.E. Generation

{August 21, 2017}   Looking Back 59 – Having it my way

Me: “You’re welcome to come my way if you want.”

Him: “I am? How far are you?” (Please don’t start with this again. And, wow, he really took my previous words seriously!)

Me: “I meant during the weekend. Where you are is not exactly close to work (gave him my location) and is farther out to home. The traffic makes the driving more complicated than what it really is even when taking the highway.”

Him: “Send me a pic, all conservative at work. LOL.” (Lord, I should have seen this one coming as well. Some things never change. Lucky for me I had taken a selfie at the office a week earlier that I posted on social media.) “Ahh, nice hair color.”

Me: “It’s supposed to be a violet brown. Needs retouching.”

Him: “I see how it can be that. Nah.”

Okay, enough with the chit-chat. Let’s get to more serious matters.

Me: “What’s brings you to town?”

Him: “My client is vacationing here with his family and friends, and wanted me to come along in case there are any medical issues.”

Me: “So what do you in the meantime?”

Him: “Right now I’m chilling in my room. Sometimes I join them in activities. Our relationship has evolved into a friendship. So I am almost family. I usually stand by and await the call.”

Me: “Interesting.”

Him: “How so?”

I didn’t respond because I was at work. What I would have said was that it gets my attention how he became a personal doctor to a high-end market, gets all these fabulous perks that your client covers for, meanwhile making a great salary yourself. It’s a life many people would trade for in a heartbeat.

Speaking about medicine, I took off the next day (Friday) to get a physical exam. I hadn’t been feeling my best recently and someone suggested getting one, since it had been way too long since I last had one.

The appointment was early in the morning. I knew I would probably finish with enough time to be able to meet with this guy, but decided not to tell him. And that’s because if I really want to move away from my past with him, then it means I have to stick to what I said. Plus, I wanted to dedicate the day to myself and enjoy it.

He texts me around 3pm that day.

Him: “Hope your Friday is going well.”

Me: “At home. Took the day to go to the doctor.”

Him: “Oh. You should have come to the beach. What doctor? You ok?”

Me: “Went to a family one. I had recovered from a bad cold which relapsed recently. Haven’t had a general checkup for years. Now that I’m a person of a certain age, have to be more careful of what happens healthwise. I knew the appointment would take a few hours, so decided to ask the day off and go to it with no rush.”

Him: “Good. It can save your life. You old lady.”

Me: “¡Más viejo eres tú!” (you’re the old one!)

Him: “Me… very old. LOL.”

Me: “You should come my way. Maybe have a drink?”

Him: “To your apartment? Hmmm. Have to be with this guy. There’s an agenda for the day, which can go until late. I know there’s a couple of limos and an SUV that they use. Maybe I can get one of them after they’re done and go to you. Will let you know.”

Dude, ever heard of the latest taxi services? In other words, just uber yourself. As simple as that. Any questions?






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