The New M.E. Generation

This guy disappeared off the radar, but not for very long.

That’s how he behaved, so when I started getting texts very late in the evening or really early morning, I wasn’t surprised at all. He would either send multiple messages or a very brief one. I would or would not respond to them depending on the day and time they were received.

Those late in the evening on a work week were usually those of ‘how are you?’ If I hadn’t gone to sleep yet, I would respond with a quick answer like ‘I’m fine, txs’.

If received during my sleep, I would not answer at all, not even the next day.

If anything happened during the weekend, he would text late Friday or Saturday evening with the ‘hey, what are you doing tonight?’ line. Even if I was ‘home alone’ with no plans, I would wait a while and then answer, ‘sorry out on a date’.

Now, those received early morning continued to be weird like, ‘listening to music here’, ‘have your apartment all set up?’ or ‘want to see you again’.

Those I would not read until I woke up. Seeing his name on my mobile was an eyesore. I would basically not answer.

It was sort of strange though that he wouldn’t continue his texts even after I responded to them. It’s like one minute you’re interested in me and then you’re not.

At moments I would laugh and others felt sorry for him because I think that after the wedding incident he hasn’t been able to score with any women and he’s probably wondering what the hell is going on with that.

It seems to me that he’s trying to have me as his next ‘trophy woman’ and finally break the streak.

Hmm, interesting. I never thought about that. But yet, who cares? It’s still not happening (as is him and me).

I know what to do here. I’ll speak to one of my girlfriends about it. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my guy troubles with them over the phone.

Honestly, when I’m with any of my bff’s, I just rather talk about pretty much about anything else. And, my stories got repetitive after a while, so I decided to put them aside.

But, hey, maybe they’re curious about it now, so I’m calling Madeline. If I want the truth well told she’s the one to give it to me.

“Hey, girl,” said she, “ what do you have to tell me that I might not know about?”

“Well, you know me,” said I, “there’s always something going on with a guy. Remember that one which my first date was a total disaster?”

“What? That guy still around? What’s wrong with you? Are you that desperate?”

“No, I thought a second chance would be fine. Let’s face it, there’s hasn’t really been a follow-up with most of the others.”

“But, did you had to give it to this one? Whatever, tell me all about it.”

I gave her the details and pulled my phone slightly away from my ear. I knew the backlash was quickly about to happen.

“I can’t believe you let that guy into your apartment, especially after sounding strange over the phone!” said she.

“I honestly thought nothing would happen.”

“Seriously, with the history that he has? Nothing happened because you put a brake to it, but it was that close. Listen to me good, if there’s ever a next time, which I seriously hope not, just meet him up somewhere and don’t move from that location. If you do is just to make your exit and head home.”

All right, the conversation wasn’t that bad after all. I thought she was really going to give it to me. But, she’s right; she’s always, always right. That’s why I called her.

And regarding a next time with this guys, well, there’s a saying that ‘third’s a charm’ or it could certainly hit a strikeout.

In spite of my very early ‘wake-up call’, I did manage to get a good night’s sleep. When I woke up I was feeling rested and decided to stay in bed.

But after a short while the blurry memory of the text message came back. I felt compelled in reading it in full, but decided not to. I just didn’t want to get upset again more than I had been the day before.

I decided to avoid loosing control and give myself a good breakfast with some strong coffee. Then I sat down and decided what to do next.

I had two choices, either delete the message or call him and express my discontent with what he wrote. Sounds good but getting him on the phone, that’s an impossible.

So, yes, why don’t I try the second when I will most probably won’t get my message across? If he doesn’t answer I’ll leave a message to call me back, erase the text and continue with my day as usual.

All right, let’s do this … and it’s ringing, ringing, waiting for the call to go to voicemail, and … he answered!

“Hey, how are you?” asked I.

“Fine, how about you?” said he.

Wow! For the first time that I remember, he’s finally talking normal.

“Listen, I know our dates haven’t been the best, but your message in the wee hours of the morning was too much,” said I.

“Sorry, I was drunk.” (No kidding, but at least we finally agree on something.) “But you shouldn’t have let me drive home.” (Here we go again!)

“Well, guess what? I’m not having sex with you. Second of all, it is my apartment and I will do whatever I want.”

“OK, OK, I’m sorry!”

I don’t remember what else was said, but it ended in a ‘in between’ note, meaning neither good or bad. How many times will there be an ending? When will the end of the end finally occur?

I was so relieved when he finally left! I had my space back all to myself and I couldn’t be happier. I just wanted to get my beauty sleep and enjoy what was left of the weekend.

But before I hit the sack on my own, I took care of the first part of my routine, which is as important as my rest: washing up.

I just love being clean and go to bed, watch some television and when totally tired, just get comfortable and fly away to another dimension.

I was on a deep sleep and happily dreaming away when it was all interrupted by a text message.

‘I made it home in one piece but I can’t believe you made me drive back in my condition. You’re a mean girl. You shouldn’t have treated me this way when I was nice to you.’

I somewhat read the first part of it, but when I saw the ‘I can’t believe’ part, I got mad, closed the message and went back to sleep.

Until how long am I still going to get his whining? Is this day (or morning) ever coming to an end?

Forget it, I’ve had it with this guy!

Having the feeling he would most probably text again or, maybe worse, call me, I turned off the ringer on my phone.

I’ll deal with this when I wake up, if that. When you mess up with my sleep, I’m no beauty in the morning!

I was driving back home and more than happy that this night was finally over when he makes a confession.

“Hey, chica, I don’t think I can drive home.”

Say what? I stared at him even more closely. He’s either telling me the truth or he’s trying to pull this off so he stays over my apartment and try to take it to the next level.

From what I learned from him and his past, he thinks he’s going to put me in the sack. Honestly, even if he the last man standing, I’m not interested in him at all, not even for a ‘quickie’.

If he’s indeed that wasted, the farthest he can go is crashing on my sofa and I sleeping in my room with the door locked.

When we got to my apartment, he started rambling that he was not up to driving and so on. I brought a pillow and blanket, and placed it on my sofa and he wasn’t happy at all.

He kept saying things I didn’t care to listen and his demeanor made me realize he was fine enough to leave.

I don’t remember what I told him, but he got the message that it was time to go home somehow and ‘relieve’ whatever was inside of him.

“Damn, girl, I can’t believe you’re making me go in my condition. I don’t know if I’ll make it home….” He kept on and on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep moving. Talk it over with your pillow and get over it.

As for myself, whatever is left of this night will be spent comfortably with my own pillows and television.

If I’m lucky I’ll find a comedy and laugh, a lot. This has certainly been a long day and the drama has worn me out.

I’m not quite sure this will be the last chapter with this guy. Let’s see how long the intermission lasts.

I suggested we went to the restaurant on my car using the reason that I knew how to get there easily.

Reality was I still wanted to be in the ‘driver’s seat’ of controlling the situation. Plus, after his never-ending travel to my place, I just wanted to get to the location quickly and finish the night the same way.

We got there within a few minutes and got some wine. I, again, was facing him forward and kept my serious demeanor at all times.

He started talking about pretty much what we did way back on our first date, especially on the ‘I can’t believe my friend didn’t tell me about you’ topic, and I realized this was going to be a long evening.

“Listen,” said I, “if it is beyond your believe that he never told you about me, why don’t you call him and complain to him directly?”

That threw him off guard completely. Seriously, dude, enough with your whining already. I’ll tell you why he probably didn’t tell you; you’re annoying!

When he realized I wasn’t into discussing that topic, he kept on with other ones from before, but between the drink and meal, I simply tuned out the conversation. I managed to do that so well I can’t recall any of it.

And, just when I thought the dinner had some time left to finish, turns out the people sitting at the table next to us were from the same hometown, and off he was talking to them.

“Well, hey,” said he, “you probably knew (name), he was my uncle! Man, I loved that guy!”

Where does this come from? I knew who that person was. He was a very well known public figure that became famous on a national level when people from home were starting to make a presence in it.

Unfortunately he passed away rather quickly about 15 years ago and it was a big blow for everyone. He was very close to him and the drinking surely brought back memories of the times they shared together.

The people at the other table didn’t pay much attention into that so he kept talking about it with me. Although I admired his uncle, I wasn’t much into listening about him, but at least it was a change of topics that didn’t include me, his friend, or anything else I’ve already heard far too many times.

He kept on going until, to my luck, we finished dinner, the wine and anything else he wanted to say.

Time to move on = ‘check please!’

We sat down for a while, in separate chairs of course. I wanted to have my own space and faced him forward at all times with a serious face. I wanted him to see that I was fine with him being at my place, but nothing was going to extend from that.

After a while he got hungry and expressed wanting to eat steak, and asked me what good restaurants were around. I was new to the area, so I only knew of one place that was reasonably priced.

But, he started mentioning these fancy venues that didn’t had another location around here. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind going to a nice place to eat. But if there’s an equivalent one with the same quality of food and service at a lower cost, count me in.

He kept researching on his phone for a location and not really interested in hearing about mine, which made me upset again. Not only did he criticize my apartment, now my restaurant is not up to par either?

I don’t know whose this guy thought he was and what was making him think that he was better than others, but I wasn’t letting it affect me.

I’ve had my share of shallow people before and have learned that they’re not worth investing your energy on them. I have taken these last years in removing all the stupidity that they had inflicted on me, and into finding who I am and all the good things that make me the person I once was.

I am a work in progress, but surely like what I see on the mirror each day forward.

So, I let this guy play with his phone some more until he realized that what he wanted was not reachable at this time (like anything else besides going out to eat).

I somehow managed to convince him to go to my restaurant and he agreed with a good face. And getting him out of my apartment could be the best thing to do, or not?

I kept waiting for this guy to emerge to the point I got really upset with him and just wanted him not to show up at all. And just when I was thinking this, sure enough, he appeared, with some ‘baggage’.

“Hey girl, what’s happening?” said he.

He was sort of loud, still very hyper, and sporting a very awkward looking jacket. No, this is not the ‘baggage’ I was referring to.

He made a stop somewhere and bought a bottle of white wine, which was placed in a bag. ‘Taking care of something’ was taken care of.

“Fine, you finally made it. Thanks for the gift.” (Not really, especially when you don’t need more of it.) I placed it on the fridge while he checked out my apartment until he ended standing on my balcony.

“Well, hey, yeah, what’s up with this place? Why did you moved so far out here? How much are you paying?”

(Here we go again.) “I’m not getting into that now,” said I in serious tone. (In other words, it’s none of your business.)

We eventually sat down and I served myself some wine. He didn’t which allowed him to mellow somewhat and me keep my cool knowing anything could come out of him.

While trying to have a conversation, I kept a close eye on him, especially on that jacket. What was he thinking when he bought it? I don’t think it was a ‘hand me down’, but if he wears it all the time, now I know why he’s not a hit with the women (beside his personality).

So, what happens next now that he finally landed?

This guy took forever to get to my place considering that it was the weekend, was driving on the highway and with the assistance of a GPS.

Worst part was that he called a couple of times to make sure he was headed the right way. All he had to do was to go straight all the way until he reached a particular intersection and take the exit to the right.

From that he needed to continue a little further up make a left, then a right, another left and ‘touch down’.

“Should I go west or east at the intersection?” asked he.

“Just take the one to the right. It’s that simple.”

“But is it going west or east?”

“I am telling you the exit to your right.”

He kept insisting over the phone until I got really upset. What part doesn’t he comprehend?

“Like I explained to you,” said I, “when you get to the exit, follow the arrows pointing to the right to the street number I gave you.”

He kept me on the line until he drove the right way. When he exited, he was sounding more lost than ever. This was definitely a bad idea but could not do anything about it now.

He was now confirming the rest of the directions over and over. C’mon you, it’s not that difficult to get to my place!

When he finally understood how to get to my location, he ended the call by saying he needed to take care of something before heading here.

Say what? You keep me all this time on the phone wasting my minutes when you have a GPS and several mobile applications that could have done the same work as me? And now you need to ‘take care of something’?

I have to admit this has been the biggest mistake in my entire dating career. I shouldn’t have met or gone out with him. This is a feeling like admitting defeat in something one is doing.

So what am I supposed to do now? Don’t know, especially when his whereabouts are unknown as we speak.

Really, where the heck is he??

et cetera