The New M.E. Generation

George has been one of Emma’s best male friends for over 20 years. They were introduced by their moms back in their hometown during one of Emma’s college breaks. She was considering a career in Communications and George, at the time, was working in Advertising, and the moms thought it would be good for Emma to have a chat about this with him.

George and Emma clicked from the moment they met and became fast friends because their lives coincided in many ways. Both are children of divorced parents; are inclined to express themselves creatively like in photography, writing, or drawing. They also enjoy comedy movies or other mediums that help develop their creative minds.

They were never interested in each other romantically which allowed them to bond and stay as friends.

George decided to go back to school in his late 20’s and study Arquitecture. He was accepted in a school in Arizona, got married after graduation and moved to Texas. He was later offered a position in Washington DC and relocated.

George knows Emma’s personality inside and out. He knows where she’s coming from even before she finish her thought. He is Emma’s unofficial life coach.

George was born and raised in the same homeland as Emma, making them both Hispanic. He moved to the US when pursuing studies in arquitecture and has remained in the US ever since.

He is currently married with no children and living in the North East.

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