The New M.E. Generation

Mark is another of Emma’s best male friends.

She has known him since her days in college in Connecticut. He was best friend with this guy who dated Emma’s Junior-year roommate, and at that time he was working in a city about an hour away from campus. They all made a road trip to Canada on a Thanksgiving weekend and from that time remained friends ever since.

Emma would invite him to go with her to any event occurring on campus, especially Halloween parties. He was the ultimate party animal.

Although he may come across as ‘the wild child,’ he cares very much about Emma and is constantly looking out for my best interests.

He was born and raised in Latin America and arrived to the US to attend college and has remained in this nation ever since. He is Hispanic, and bilingual in Spanish and English.

Mark is currently an engineer who lives with his wife and three children in the North East.

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