The New M.E. Generation

The first few days of Jay’s visit went very well. In fact, they were too good to be true. We both were very comfortable with each other. Everything that we did together felt very natural; it just flowed with ease.

On the third day of his trip, we drove to one of the locations of the resort he had worked for. It was in an area I’ve never been before, and the trip, more than that of the road kind, felt more like I was headed to a romantic trip, like a honeymoon.

We got to the place about two hours later and, upon arrival, many memories from my previous trip with Dina flashed before my eyes. My feeling was that this trip would be as equally memorable.

After checking-in, leaving the bags in the room, etc., we toured the resort and took advantage of some of the available activities before dinner.

Jay also located former co-workers and the encounters were as much joyful as they were a few months back.

Some hours later, when the activities were pretty much over for the daytime and the sun started to come down, Jay and I got some drinks and settled on a hammock.

After some chatting about simple things, I leaned my head on Jay’s shoulder and stared straight at the sunset. I was still wearing my sunglasses.

It was again one of those moments when I was able to briefly forget all that I’ve gone through, and allow myself to feel happy for a change. I felt a peace within me that I hadn’t for the longest time.

It was yet another almost perfect moment. I exhaled and felt that the wall I had built in front of me to protect myself came crashing down.

“I’m not here to play games,” said I to Jay while still looking forward.

“Me either.”

I felt like the universe had finally given me what I’ve asked for so long; true love.

If only I could always feel this way…

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