The New M.E. Generation

{September 14, 2011}   The Undateables 11 – Excuse me!

As the night progressed, I started feeling not that well. The munchies at home, strong drink, bad mood and all else had finally taken a toll on me.

I was trying to hold myself together, but it started to get uncomfortable and even wishing that I could go home soon.

He then suggested getting some appetizers. I agreed. Hopefully that would ‘save’ me. But before they arrived, I excused myself.

I tried not to run to the bathroom, but I had to puke. It didn’t matter if my body was asking for it, it didn’t work. I don’t know how long I was there, but probably too long for a ‘brb’.

I went back and the food was there. I had some, kept drinking my only one of the evening, and tried to keep the date going. I excused myself two more times and, on the third, I finally puked, big time.

I don’t know how long I was there, but I did until I felt somewhat better. By the time I got out, this guy had obviously figured out my situation. I don’t remember if he asked or not about my condition. Maybe he did, but I was sick.

Whatever else happened afterwards is all a blur to me. We did stay at the bar the whole night and ate some more, but no more drinking for me.

He drove me back home, I thanked him for the night, got upstairs to my apartment, washed my face and went straight to bed. I don’t recall if we agreed on seeing or talking to each other again, and if there was more puking from my part.

I don’t even remember analyzing how the whole experience was. I did felt that what related to this guy was over, all of it.

I was feeling ‘bad’ because of my condition, but not that probably nothing else was to happen beyond this night.

Maybe this is a first for me not allowing a guy to come into my life and turn my feelings upside down.

Well, in a certain manner, he did. Let’s just wait until I wake up tomorrow.

I decided to take the situation further by going ‘live’ with ‘reconnect.’ He suggested talking via the computer, so I thought it was a great idea, even more talking to a fellow alumnus.

We didn’t know what to say to each other once we saw our faces on the screen. Oh, no, this face I surely don’t remember, but he surely did mine (sad…).

“Hey, you look great. In fact, pretty much as I remember you,” said he.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. I try to keep it up.” I told him about my ‘past life,’ but talking to him made me remember myself during those college days. I liked putting myself together as much as possible, something that I’ve continued even more when I became single.

More than making a fashion statement, I know I do it as a respect to myself; that I care about me and to show the world that I didn’t break down.

But I’m still trying to understand his recollection of me.

“I can’t really tell you what it was, but Raad was the envy of other guys for having you. Besides being cute, something about your personality made you attractive to men. Hey, if it wasn’t that I was in a relationship with someone else, I would have probably approached you the minute I learned that you and him were no longer together.”

Wow, those are revealing words to me. I don’t know what to call myself. It’s not cute or pretty (but certainly not ugly), and I wasn’t doing any chasing or considered myself drop-dead gorgeous.

I think what I have inside of me is certainly beautiful, which I hope has translated to the outside. Hmm, maybe that’s what it is. Maybe my inner beauty is the answer to my question, or not?

As I finished my conversation, I started remembering other moments when my so-called beauty came to play. Perhaps I will find some more clues on them?

Let the analyzing begin.

The three of us arrived at the lounge around 9pm and the place was pretty much filled-up already. It was the first time I was at this place and got a good impression of such.

It had an indoor area with a bar, sitting room and dance space, plus a balcony area with an additional bar. I suggested walking around the location to familiarize ourselves with it (and check out the guys, of course).

I lead the way and walked first; when I entered the room I glanced around at the people standing at the bar or balcony rail when (whoa!), the sight of a particular guy basically stopped me in my tracks.

I looked at him and my jaw dropped. He was tall (very tall, way over six feet), with a fabulous ‘fohawk’ hairstyle, an awesome body and facial features of a runway model.

I don’t know how long I stood there staring (probably just a few seconds, but it felt as if I had gotten frozen in time) when I snapped out of it.

“How about if I buy a round of drinks?” asked I in an effort to staying around and keeping close watch on this guy. I didn’t have a plan in mind to approach him (I wasn’t thinking anything, seriously. This was the first time for me that I went out). I just wanted to (I don’t know) enjoy some ‘eye candy.’

Everyone got a drink and I stood in an angle that enabled me to speak to everyone, but still keep an eye on the guy.

During my conversation, I tried to look at him from time to time. Lucky me he was standing sideways, which helped me being not so obvious with my behavior.

Some time later the guy started walking away with another guy and passed me on my right side. I looked at him and gave him a big smile. Part of me expression was my amazement of how tall he was (over a foot taller than me). But, damn, this guy is so adorable.

I wanted to follow this guy so bad, but I was with this two girls.

So, what do you do now? I kept talking while analyzing the situation internally until a thought came to my mind.

“Hey, why don’t we take a walk and check out the rest of the place?”

et cetera