The New M.E. Generation

So, now that I’ve decided to search for love the electronic way, which site am I going to choose from the so many options?

I remember way back then when online dating first started. It became a novelty as big as flat screen TV’s, laptop computers, DVD’s, and other electronic gadgets.

People became fascinated by them, but equally scared as well. In general, people had kept their lives pretty much private and, if you wanted to ‘get on with the game,’ you had to ‘expose yourself’ or put yourself ‘out there’ to get dates.

I remember reading articles about people lying about themselves in their profiles, setting accounts under different names at different sites, and posting old pictures, among other things.

So this definitely had me scared of going on a date with a guy that would turn out to be a complete fake, weirdo, or anything else in between.

But, I also read that, as the years have gone by, some sites had become quite successful, and that people were serious about online dating, thus doing it ‘the right way’ to get the results they want.

So I guess the best way for me to decide on a particular site is to check out the photos of men.

It’s easy; you choose the range of ages and check off other characteristics and then hit the ‘submit’ button.

(And the results are…) Whoa! Oh my! Now that’s a lot of guys (maybe too many?).

Hmm, it’s kind of strange though, so many people in the same position as myself. Am I supposed to feel happy or sad? Don’t know.

Hey, maybe this is the start of a new ‘adventure’ in my life.

Who knows, maybe the one I’m looking for is just a mere ‘click’ away.

About 3-4 days later I called Christian. It was around 7pm in the evening which I thought was a descent time to do, considering he was probably done with work and already at home.

But he didn’t answer the call and it went to voicemail. It was disappointing, but understandable. If I see an incoming call with a number I don’t recognize or doesn’t list the caller, I don’t answer it.

I could have left a message but decided not to. What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey it’s the girl you gave the number to at the bar’? I don’t know about you, but it would have sounded sort of corny when I don’t recall giving him my name.

So what am I supposed to do now? Should I call him back again in a couple of hours? What if he decides to call back this missed call? It’s a possibility but, honestly, I don’t think that will happen.

I’m sitting at my sofa holding my mobile with my hand, contemplating what to do here.

No, I don’t feel like calling again in the same night. I don’t want to come across as desperate, a stalker or anything else in between.

I decided to call back again the next day at a later time during the evening. If he doesn’t answer, I will not leave a message.

After that, I think I will give it a third try. If no result, I will make a decision to either desist all together or let a few days go by and try again.

So let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.

et cetera