The New M.E. Generation

Alex did call back. He offered to meet for dinner the next Friday evening and I accepted the invite.

I dressed nicely that day and some strange feeling hit me when I looked at myself on the mirror.

Isn’t this the dress I wore the night I first met him?

I started to freak out! But, no time to change or I will be late to work.

The day went very slow and, even more, it rained, big time. It was as if nature was trying to not make this happen.

I left work on the dot and headed to the restaurant, which was somewhat far. The rain kept lingering and seemed it was to strike again any minute now. I just didn’t want to get wet walking from the car to the location.

When I finally did, it was somewhere in this big mall. I was totally lost when I parked and had to call him to give me directions.

It took me about 15 minutes to finally reach the restaurant. I was already in a bad mood and the rain seemed that it was going to chase me down.

This is not how I wanted this re-encounter to happen. I’m still talking to him while walking to the restaurant when I finally get there and see him at the distance.

All right, Emma, take a deep breath and make it right. You don’t want it to be your fault if all goes wrong tonight.

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