The New M.E. Generation

After the close call with the hurricane, the communication with this guy became almost non-existent.

I did reach out to him to share the trailer for the second installment of an aviation-related movie, which original production was presented during our college years.

Because his career major and present employment have to do with airplanes, it became a huge hit among the students.

Me: “I remember your story of students having their car windows down at the parking lot, playing the tape simultaneously full-blast.”

The influence of the movie wasn’t only to this market segment, it influenced fashion, pop music, and even creating interests (and an increase of recruits) for the armed forces.

It even had an effect on me. When I visited him during my spring break, it gave me a whole other respect to what he was studying. Seeing his school was like being present on this sacred place that was developing talents that someday would follow the steps as those characters portrayed in the movie.

But again, his replies felt like he wanted to be the one having the last word.

I get it, he’s the aviation expert. And like I said, to get the best experience is seeing it at the movies. If not, renting it will do, just like back then. But his tone felt that there’s no buts or ifs about it; the big screen or nothing!

That may be so, but nowadays things are different. Many people have a home entertainment center, are subscribed to streaming services, movie channels, or other similar portals that give you access to watching them almost at the same time as theaters.

And still if you have none of that, you can rent the DVD (back then it was a videocassette) for a very affordable price. Even if you’re one of those that have basic cable, just wait a year and I guarantee you it will be shown on TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you should support your local businesses. But the cost of the ticket, food and drinks have increased so much it’s no fun any more when you have other options.

I understand his argument, but I’m on this one because of the nostalgia. (As a matter of fact, they’re showing the original on TV as we speak, as a way to promote the new one – and bring back your memories as well).

Oh, the memories… Those of my hairstyle, clothes, and everything else that represented me back then. More than anything, I’m longing for when we were best friends, when we got each other’s back even in distance, when he said he wouldn’t allow anything in his life to tear our friendship apart.

So where did the last part go? It went from the big screen, to the small screen, to the blank screen. Total blackout.

{September 21, 2015}   The Ex-Friend 2 – Not seeing it

This guy started talking about a girl he had a relationship with, that they had broken up, but somehow he ended up in her apartment, had sex with her because she managed to get that from him, and when he left the place, was so upset with himself, that he hit the hood of his car so hard it created a dent.

The woman was sitting at the balcony laughing, but not at the car, but at him for getting what she wanted.

The way he referred to the laugh was one of sarcasm, almost as if she was getting even or didn’t care anything about him.

I was listening to him quietly and still in shock, not because of this story, but for this mystery woman.

In all the years we have been friends, I only knew of one during high school. I had seen him with her once in her school. He introduced me to her; I don’t recall if they were holding hands or not, but the way they walked clearly showed they had something together.

The other time I remember her was at a career day at her school. She was alone, but we talked to each other briefly and she never asked me anything about my relationship with this guy.

Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t question him. We both had significant others, but he said that he had feelings for me.

How did this didn’t raise a red flag with me? Was as I too naive, trusted him blindly, or perhaps I was too much into myself that I simply didn’t get it?

And then during and post college years, he didn’t mention any love interests either from his side. In my mind he had never lost his feelings for me. And our conversations usually centered around me as well.

He had his issues as well, but his approach and tone of voice were one of understanding why it was or had happened, and had resolved or come to terms with it, which was the opposite of me.

We had been close friends for the longest time, sharing the good and bad, to the point that we knew the other more than we did ourselves.

So why didn’t he tell me about this, especially when it was obvious that it ended in a chaotic way?

He had always known about the guys in my life, and now with my then ex-spouse, a relationship that at that moment was stable and solid.

I kept listening to him and this guy wanted to talk at that moment. That’s how desperate he was. He was way more broken than when he told me about his grandmother. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this way.

I didn’t wanted to let him down, but I was also on my way to see my then ‘x’. It was a delicate balancing act I never had before.

What I recall after this is that we agreed to discuss it either in person or phone. I continued to my ex’s apartment and didn’t tell him about the incident.

I don’t remember if the conversation ever happened, but I’m sure I probably felt guilty for leaving my friend all sad behind.

He had always been the main man in my life, but now things had changed for me, and certainly for him.

Yep, no matter what, things never remain the same, ever. And it’s not necessarily life that does it, mostly it’s because of us, and many times in the worst of ways.

It’s like a low blow that you didn’t see it coming.

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