The New M.E. Generation

The next day, as soon as I got my day going (breakfast, reading the newspaper), I went straight to my computer. Hope any of those guys I sent a message responded to me. (Anxiety rising.)

Whoa! How many communications have I received? Who are all these guys? How did they get a hold of my profile??

Oh, damn! So that’s what having your profile as ‘public’ means (duh!). What was I thinking? Nothing; it means not really understanding how this dating program works.

And I don’t think any of the guys I sent an email to even responded to me.

Am I reading right? A 23 year old who wants to ‘score’ with a cougar? Is this Jesse by any chance?  (No, thank goodness it’s not!!)

And what is this other? A fifty something guy who simply wrote, ‘Hey hottie!’ Euuu, what is he thinking? It’s the complete opposite from the young one. This one wants to get a ‘young hen.’

Aargh! Help!! This is not what I was expecting. But, I don’t know what I was expecting… Maybe this was not such a great idea.

So, what am I supposed to do now? Guess I should respond? Perhaps delete some of them (like those two before mentioned ones? What’s the protocol?

I don’t think there’s any rule that I should take any immediate action (or is there?). More decisions to make.

I know; I will worry about it tomorrow (or the day after that, or so).

After dinner, we all walked ‘next door’ to a bar that had a live band playing. Other friends of Dina soon arrived. We all got hold of a drink and stood where the band was playing, coming together with other people as well.

Everyone was enjoying the music as they danced and sang along each song, either you knew the person next to your or not, and having a blast.

During one of the intermissions, I noticed two guys, who were not part of the group, talking to Dina. I was not far away from her and I felt glad they were showing an interest in here.

But it wasn’t very long before Dina’s body language signaled to me that she wasn’t all that interested in them.

From where I was standing, them two seemed like descent, well dressed and mannered men. They physically looked like what Dina would go for, but there was a ‘minor’ problem. They looked younger than Dina, I mean, way younger.

I quickly sensed that she would soon ‘discharge’ them, so I stepped in. “Hey, they look like nice guys,” said I to her in her ear.

“They’re too young for me!” responded Dina quite quickly. It didn’t matter if there were no other strikes against them; she had already ‘stroke them out.’

(‘Oh, c’mon you,’ I thought to myself, ‘give them a break at least.’) “There’s nothing wrong in being a cougar, you know.” (Yeah, and this one standing next to you can give you plenty of insight on this matter.)

“No! They just got out of high school.”

“You probably heard wrong. They can’t be here if they’re under 21.”

I was trying to make some sense out of her when, out of nowhere, Dina grabs one of the guys by the arm and pushed him through the back towards me. “Here, why don’t you talk to my friend?”

And, just like that, I have a guy standing in front of me looking me up and down with a big smile on his face.

‘Why is this happening to me?? Damn you Dina, why did you had to ‘throw’ this situation at me?’

And, yes, he does look younger than her, but waaaay for me.

What is this? Is the universe playing game with me again?

All right, I have to talk about this topic.

It seems that now this is what’s on vogue for women. It has become socially acceptable for older women to get involved with younger men (or whatever your preference might be). And if it happens that you get involved in such a relationship, kudos for you!

Why did I decide to approach this topic? Because I’ve been a cougar, more times than I can believe myself occurred.

Yes (believe it or not), my list includes the Swedish massage guy, firefighter, doctor and Bostonian.

Yep, two of these men were at least 15 years younger than me, and the other two had about 8 years less.

But, there’s one, the real first guy I met after my ‘past life’ began, the youngest of them all, which made me one without knowing it.

I hadn’t spoken about it before because it wasn’t until now that this ‘cougar’ phenomenon has hit me.

Because it is now that I’ve embraced it and am ready to open up about it.

Because I believe that if I embrace it, I might find a total new light of myself that I hadn’t recognized before.

et cetera