The New M.E. Generation

It’s been a few years since I became single. I can finally say that I have reached the peace and tranquility I greatly yearned and needed.

All the past experiences I lived with all those guys has been a great lesson for everything related to my life.

I thought I had dealt with all my personal and emotional issues when one in particular came to surface in a recent reconnection: my looks.

I received an email from someone from my college that wanted to connect with me in a professional network site. He has sent me about two previous invitations, which I quickly deleted.

On the third one, though, I kept the invitation on my profile for a while until I thought to myself, ‘why not?’ Maybe I’ll get some benefit from this, like a job connection perhaps?

So I accepted the invitation and decided to send an email to this college alumnus to once and for all (hopefully) have a recollection of who this guy is.

“I’m sorry,” said I, “but I don’t remember you. Could you refresh my memory of how we know each other?”

“You were dating my friend Raad.”

‘Who?’ I thought to myself. Oh, no, what have I gotten myself into? I think this is going to take quite a few emails and deep thought for me to remember, if that happens.


To my surprise, the guy responded to my emails and finally gave me his name, Alex. He also agreed with me about being friends first and keeping it if nothing else evolved. “A friendship always remains,” is what he said.

Hmm, deep thought. Wow, sounds I came across somebody with intelligence. Yep, he’s definitely someone up my alley. Someone that maybe I’ll finally find what I’m looking for.

Why didn’t I thought about it before, establishing a friendship? Duh, there was no chance at that. Either I clung to the guys because I needed to fill an emotional void, or the guys just wanted to have fun, or had no interest in getting involved for whatever reason. There was no chance of anything serious because the foundation was never laid.

And why should this guy be any different? For starters, at least we’re on the same page, and have agreed to continue communicating via email until we feel is time to take the next step, talking on the phone. It may sound stupid, but it’s not to me.

I just want to get it right even if at least once. I don’t think I’m asking that much from the universe, am I?

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