The New M.E. Generation

“I promise I won’t bite,” said he while I kept considering his offer and sporting a poker face. Hell, this is not the first time I’ve heard this and won’t be the last.

I was torn as to what to do. I thought that if I declined, I would get upset later for not giving myself the opportunity of exposing myself to situations even though I’ve had them before.

Then, if I do decide to give it the go ahead and the results are bad, question is, which of the two will I regret the most? Even if I decide to go, that doesn’t guarantee that the outcome will be good.

“Fine, wine it is,” replied I.

I followed him in my car and his apartment wasn’t that far. I parked outside the building as instructed. It was one of those locations in the area I remember seeing going up every time I drove to work.

My insecurities sort of started to get activated. It’s not bad where I currently live, but it is an older structure and not as fancy as this one.

The apartment itself was not that big, but nice. It had 2 rooms, kitchen, living area, and balcony. He had a male roommate and the place was definitely a college/bachelor pad. At least it was a place that was mainly clean and organized, good enough to feel confident of safely drinking some wine from a glass he had.

I sat down on the sofa, which had in front a massive TV. It was a little bit intimidating looking at it. Not even growing up at home was there ever one this size and forget about those in college; the rooms could only accommodate so much. People had to basically sit very close to be able to view the screen.

Even if I presently had the money to buy one, I wouldn’t. I don’t see the value of owning something like this and prefer investing the money in something else that has more of a long-term value.

It also made me think, how does this guy (or maybe his roommate) get the money to buy it? I started feeling out of place and thinking this guy and I were really in 2 different worlds that were becoming more distant by the minute.

What the heck was I expecting? Sorry, I’m not in college any more and I’m not winning this battle of the sexes any time soon.

“Hey, you want to sit in the balcony?” asked he.

Good idea, perhaps a neutral zone is the next best move.

The email exchange continued for another week or so when Alex finally asked me the question I was afraid the most to hear. No, it wasn’t ‘do you want to meet?’ but rather, ‘do you want to talk on the phone?’

Aaah, I guess so… Hey, can’t be that bad (or can it?) It’s still ‘safe’ over the phone (well, depends how ‘deep’ the conversation gets). There’s no direct physical contact of any kind, and you still have a chance to back down afterwards if you feel the connection ‘gets lost.’

Unfortunately, there are times when you realize you don’t have anything in common with another person right after you start talking to them. I’ve had a lot of that with Alex so far, but we might come to the realization that we are actually living in two different worlds.

In a certain manner, your voice is one of the determinants of finding your match including those of your upbringing and the way you’re dressed.

Yes, I think it’s time for us to speak. It’s time to take this a step further, just as it was agreed.

So, it is a ‘yes.’

et cetera