The New M.E. Generation

Believe it or not, Ivan contacted me again. I was quite surprised when I received a call from him.

“What a surprise, again,” said I.

“I was on the area, again, but couldn’t stop by.”

“Let me take a guess, work.” (Duh!) “Tell me something new, like, are you traveling any time soon?”

“Yes, I’m taking a trip with a friend.”

(Say what?) “You mean a girl, your girlfriend.”

“No, she’s just a friend.”

“Oh c’mon, don’t start with me. I’m sure she will be very upset to hear that you are referring to her as just that. Well, I will admit I’m sort of jealous, but I’m happy for you. I hope it works out for the best.”

Ivan didn’t agree or refute what I said.

“Listen,” said he, “ I just arrived at the pharmacy to pick-up something, so I have to go.” (Like always.)

“No problem.” (Whatever.)

My phone conversations with Ivan, as usual, are probably the shortest in record. It’s amazing, though, how much was covered on this one. But, it definitely let me know that this guy is ‘off the market.’

All I can do now is continue with my life as I have done so far, and not expect anything else from him any more, phone calls included.

Instead of putting myself online, I need to put myself ‘out there’ and find a new guy.


I walked up the stairs of the dinning hall and straight into the buffet area where the food was already served. Being the only one there made me feel like a little kid in a candy store where I could take anything I wanted.

I’m doing a walk-through of everything before digging in, when I come face to face with a guy. (Correction, I was the only one there.)

We looked at each other like, ‘whoa, where did you come from??’ We also had a face that we were both in desperate need of some food, so we quickly took separate ways and kept going.

I piled up my plate with food for my first round of eating, and then walked to find myself a table when, sure enough, ‘that guy’ was already seated and once again looking at me.

I looked around at the other empty tables and back again at him, when I figured that the obvious thing was to sit down with him (if he was up to it). In other words, it would have been totally moronic from my part not attempting this.

I mean, wasn’t one of my goals for this trip to have the chance to meet other guys in another light? Duh, as soon as I stepped into the seating area, he stared straight at me.

Translation: it’s a no-brainer that this was one of those moments.

All right, here we go.

et cetera