The New M.E. Generation

{December 9, 2013}   Looking Back 23 – Not happening

We got back very late and, although I was very tired, I couldn’t really fall asleep. I was still hoping that ‘the beach guy’ would call when I know it wouldn’t happen.

Besides, as much interest or availability he might had, I couldn’t expect him to make the 2-hour drive in such late hours of the night. So, I put him off my mind and managed to get some rest.

I think I was even more tired the next morning. It was the last day of my vacation and wanted to enjoy as much as I could before making the long drive home.

My high school friend and I were able to do one last thing before leaving late in the afternoon. Before reaching my apartment, I suggested having an early dinner on a restaurant I thought he would like.

He did very much and thanked me for it. Me, on the other hand, checked my phone from time to time. No missed calls.

By the time I got home I was more than exhausted from the trip. It had been a great one, but the emotional part really hit me hard.

I kept telling myself how good of an experience this was and the fact I couldn’t have one detail of it wasn’t a reason to let it ruin my long weekend.

So I did what I thought I should do; I kept myself busy the rest of the night, and put aside any negative thoughts that may question my efforts and outcomes of my attempts in having a relationship with a guy.

The results of this challenge had been that ‘it just didn’t happen’, and it’s up to the other person to take the next step if they want anything with me.

In other words, if nothing happens, that’s it, nothing else left to expect. End of story.

I don’t remember how many days went by, but I did get the call that I got it. How I reacted to it is all a blur, but I think I was as happy as when I got accepted to college.

In other words, this was probably one of those few extraordinary moments in my life so far.

I do remember that I was asked to get my nails done (which ended being fake because I used to bite them), and get a pair of black high heel shoes. Someone also accompanied me from the production to find an outfit.

Wait; got the outfit, then the shoes and nails (all paid for).

The next memory I have was at the day of the shooting. The location was at a bar and the storyline was the actor was to be sitting down, I would ‘make my entrance’ (a.k.a., dancing at the door), would walk up to him, do a pass at him, walk-away, he would go after me, and I would grab his tie and pull him close to me. End of story.

Aaaah…first of all, I was underage, meaning I wasn’t old enough to be at a bar, and even less to be picking up a guy. (I still don’t know how to quite do that nowadays.)

After all was explained to me, I needed to get ready and then shoot my scenes. I started feeling good, and that helped me relax and focus on what I needed to do.

So, when was this guy scheduled to arrive? How was I going to react when I finally saw him?

I did get a reply from Brian. And to my surprise, it was very quick, like on the same day I sent it.

No less surprising was what he said. Sure enough, just as I predicted it, his reply was very brief. Something like in the ’10 words category,’ which read like this:

“Yeah, he told me. Hope all is well with you too.” (11 words to be exact. I almost got a perfect score.) Like I said to myself before, no need to get upset here.

At least I got answers to some of my questions. Yes, Stephan did tell him about the encounter, and, yes, Brian has no interest in seeing me again.

But I don’t know if Stephan made the call or else. It’s like a mystery novel that left you confused after reading it, or an ending of that of a cliffhanger that lets you make your own conclusions after it ended.

So why don’t I make my own? All right, here it goes.

We know that Stephan did tell Brian about the meeting, but Brian showed no interest or made any attempt to contact me.

Stephan did not call Dina, probably because (like previously stated), he realized he was better off not pursuing it.

The ending may not have been what I hoped for (Stephan and Dina going out), but at least it was a fun night.

And for a moment, I thought Dina’s love life was about to change.

Hey, isn’t that what I’m shooting for?

Yes, but sometimes you’ve got to give it to others in order to receive.

Maybe then a new chapter can be written.

That’s it, end of this story.

et cetera