The New M.E. Generation

I asked ‘that guy’ if I could join him and he gladly complied. (Oh, oh, sounds like a re-run from when I met Brian. Please refer to chapter 3 of ‘You Can Be My Hero’ for details.)

The opening question was, what the heck we were both doing so early at breakfast?

The ‘guy,’ Hiio, a Canadian from Montreal (who I will nickname Monty or Canadian #1), had previously worked for this international resort and came for the week to share with the rest of other former colleagues in an EXGO reunion.

So that’s the ‘big event’ that Dina referred to when she made me the invitation to join her on the trip.

When Hiio said he lives in Montreal, it instantly reminded me of the road trip Mark, my ex-rommate and her former significant other, and I made there during college on a Thanksgiving weekend. (Please refer to ‘The Bostonian’ story.)

I returned there about eight years ago with my ‘x’ and still have very fond memories of both times, and it’s a city I would definitely like to return to again someday. (Hmm, am I already forecasting my next future trip?)

He shared with me that he has a morning show and is Program Director at Mohawk-Radio, a punk rock and roll station, among other things, and came down to Cancun with one of his daughters.

I did share somewhat about my personal life that related to that other chapter in my past existence, but emphasized more on Dina’s friendship and how happy I was for being at the resort.

And speaking of the devil… Just when I was engaged in a very insightful conversation with ‘Monty’ (my toast experience with Pirate), who else could appear out of nowhere, faster than the speed of light, but…Dina!

et cetera