The New M.E. Generation

The time at the hotel was unbelievable. Being at another location of this international all-inclusive resort brought back many memories from my ‘A spring break in the fall’ trip. And sharing this time with someone special was even better.

Jay, on the other hand, enjoyed himself to the fullest. He re-lived his days as an employee, plus got to reunite yet again with former colleagues. But, this time, he got to sit back and enjoy it in his own terms.

I think the best part of the time there was at night during the shows. They had different ones every day, some even incorporating guests in the cast. But all would end with what was called ‘the crazy signs’ dance song in which everyone participated.

After so many years of being away from the resort, Jay still remembered it perfectly. Doing it next to him made me feel that I was finally able to connect to him, especially during this special period in his life. I got to see a side of him that maybe I wouldn’t have if we hadn’t come.

I’m so happy to be here.

Jay and I did every imaginable activity and I wished the days had lasted longer. But, like good things in life, they all come to an end.

He had a few more days of water skiing and of me showing him around, including going to the beach and, hopefully, getting Jay to get immersed in my life some more, like meeting some of my friends.

All right, lets give it a try.

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