The New M.E. Generation

Ivan and I were having a great time when ‘the call’ was received. So, as agreed, I stayed at the bar waiting for his return while he drove his employer tot the event.

He ordered a drink for me and left. I was now pretty much the only there still. So I just layed back and enjoyed my drink, and myself, the best way I could.

After a while, I started to get nervous. Where on Earth did he drive her to? I hope he’s coming back.

He did, after about an hour later (thank goodness). He had a face that he made it back as fast as he could, which, needless to say, called for a drink.

We picked up the conversation, munched on some pizza, and had a great time. The best part of the night, so far, was that the employer was taking a long time to call again.

When we completed our drinks and food, Ivan suggested taking a walk outside the bar. he felt that ‘the other call’ would happen any time now.

There was a marina close by so we headed that way to look at the boats and else. I couldn’t help my attraction to him so I kept pointing at the yachts to distract him away from this energy that was emanating from me.

We kept walking and talking, when, yes! It happened.

He kissed me.

{November 10, 2008}   The Bostonian 6 – The simple life

Ross and I are standing in line to buy the movie tickets when I get nervous.

Should I pay for my ticket or should he? I started hyperventilating. Breathe in; breathe out, slowly. Some divine intervention, please. Anyone?

It’s our turn. I took out my credit card and offered to pay mine. “Forget that,” he said.

We sat at the theater and the movie trailers were previewed. The one for ‘Mamma Mia’ came up and I started singing to all the Abba songs featured in it, especially ‘Dancing Queen:’
‘You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of you life’

‘Hey, maybe this is how things will turn out to be,’ I said to myself, ‘having the best time I’ve ever had, living the life I truly deserve.’

“Oh, by the way, I sing all the time,” I told Ross.

I then got a flashback of me singing to Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance’ song at my ‘x’ 40th birthday party back in 2006. I didn’t let anyone else get a hold of the microphone. After all I had gone through, I needed to get whatever I had bottled inside out of my system. I didn’t care if my singing was good or bad. I just did it.

(What’s his name) didn’t acknowledge what I did. Once again he managed to hit our relationship with another sour note.

The Eddie Murphy film, ‘Meet Dave,’ was a hit for a date movie. We both laughed throughout the entire feature. There were no sex scenes, nudity, violence or political undertone. Perfect.

It was like when I was single, when things were much simpler and didn’t give much thought of what should happen next. I took life one day at a time and that was it.

I exhaled. If only my life could be as perfect as this moment.

{November 8, 2008}   The Bostonian 4 – Round two

It’s Saturday afternoon and I get a text message from Ross. I had a great time at the bar the night before and I am hoping to see him again.

Because of the ‘2am Swedish incident’, I actually took the risk of asking Ross first for his number when we met at the bar.

“How about if you gave me your number?” I had asked.

Ross gave me this look of disapproval. “Men are the ones who are supposed to be doing the courtship.” I wondered if Dina and him knew each other by any chance.

I responded to his message and he kept texting back. This is costing me 20¢ per entry, why can’t he just call?

Bingo! He did. After some uninteresting conversation, we finally decided to go to the movies.

I tried to place it safe again. “We can meet there if you want,” I proposed.

“No, I will definitely pick you up,” said Ross.

‘Oh, how nice,’ I thought to myself. Or, is he? I started getting nervous.

Questions like, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ ‘Should I invite him to my apartment afterwards?’ ‘What if…?’ are crossing my mind uncontrollably.

‘What is wrong with me??’ I asked myself, to which my inner voice responded, “Emma, move your hiney and get ready!!”

Ok, ok, I’m going…

et cetera