The New M.E. Generation

The conversation was still going, even after we got all sad for each other and ourselves.

“Emma, have you ever been happy?”

Wow, the question felt deeper than the pain I experienced when he dumped me. I gave it a thought before answering.

“That word for me is so delicate to define,” said I. “I think people use it all the time, but don’t understand the true meaning of it.

Honestly, yes, I’ve had my good moments to remember, but the not so good ones are greater and make me forget the first.

Right now I shoot for peace and tranquility, to get to a good place. But once in a while I should look back to those good times.

Although they bring me a brief joy, I have to wish for that again, don’t you think?

It’s like right now, all the situations that I’ve had with men have not turned out as I hoped for, but some instances are worth laughing about and holding on to.

And how much I’ve grown as a person and the knowledge that I’ve gained is worth every tear that I’ve shed.

In this few years I’ve lived so much, more than in other moments of my life, that I think I now know how to find this so called ‘happiness’.

How about you? What’s your take on it?”

In the time that followed, Jay and I kept chatting about the trip. Along the way we got to open up and know each other more. I even started sending him text messages late at night before I went to bed.

Our friendship grew little by little, and he was appreciating my texting. He responded once that he looked forward to them and that it greatly helped him get through the day.

Around 2 months before he set a tentative date, Jay started taking care of the other parts of the logistics. First item, could I search possible places for him to stay? No problem.

Actually, there’s one. Around where I live, there’s not that many or affordable hotels. Now that’s a problem.

I kept giving it a thought. So, what’s is it going to be?

“Jay, you know, for what you would spend daily on a hotel, might as well stay at my place and crash on the sofa.” (Did I just say that? Hello! I just opened the door to him.)

“I had thought about that but was afraid to ask. Even if it means sleeping in an air mattress, it’s fine by me.”

All right, sleeping situation resolved.

Sort of.

et cetera