The New M.E. Generation

Sometime in the afternoon I get another text message.

‘I’m in town. Wanted to say hello to the most beautiful girl in town.’

‘Who is this Jesse?’

‘YeAh’ (Yeah or ‘yehaa’. Oh no, I have a feeling he’s going to say he wants to see me.

‘How long are you in town for?’

‘Leaving later today unfortunately.’ (Now it’s my turn: yehaa!)

(Hold your horses) ‘After I see you’ texted he.

Instead of getting a bombed dropped on me, I felt instead that I got lassoed. So, how do I take the bull by the horns or, better yet, untangle from this situation?

‘Not at home right now. What time is your flight?’

‘I drove.’ (this sounds so spring break.) ‘I can leave whenever.’

I felt the bull was headed straight at me. ‘I will call you later; not at home.’

‘I would really like to see you.’

No, not again. I mean, I was really not at home and was not going to stop what I was doing to accommodate him, and then he decides to show up at the wee hours of the morning? Forget that!

This is what I’ll do. Later on in the day I will text him back, when he has already left. (I would imagine he would leave at a descent time before dark.) Then he will say he’s already gone, and I will be ‘saved’ instead of turning him down again. (Good enough.)

Besides, even if I had all the time in the world, I don’t think it’s worth the effort to see him. It’s done, over with. He needs to go back home and continue his life.

Hopefully he won’t call, especially while driving, and at a time that’s not 3am.

{September 14, 2011}   The Undateables 11 – Excuse me!

As the night progressed, I started feeling not that well. The munchies at home, strong drink, bad mood and all else had finally taken a toll on me.

I was trying to hold myself together, but it started to get uncomfortable and even wishing that I could go home soon.

He then suggested getting some appetizers. I agreed. Hopefully that would ‘save’ me. But before they arrived, I excused myself.

I tried not to run to the bathroom, but I had to puke. It didn’t matter if my body was asking for it, it didn’t work. I don’t know how long I was there, but probably too long for a ‘brb’.

I went back and the food was there. I had some, kept drinking my only one of the evening, and tried to keep the date going. I excused myself two more times and, on the third, I finally puked, big time.

I don’t know how long I was there, but I did until I felt somewhat better. By the time I got out, this guy had obviously figured out my situation. I don’t remember if he asked or not about my condition. Maybe he did, but I was sick.

Whatever else happened afterwards is all a blur to me. We did stay at the bar the whole night and ate some more, but no more drinking for me.

He drove me back home, I thanked him for the night, got upstairs to my apartment, washed my face and went straight to bed. I don’t recall if we agreed on seeing or talking to each other again, and if there was more puking from my part.

I don’t even remember analyzing how the whole experience was. I did felt that what related to this guy was over, all of it.

I was feeling ‘bad’ because of my condition, but not that probably nothing else was to happen beyond this night.

Maybe this is a first for me not allowing a guy to come into my life and turn my feelings upside down.

Well, in a certain manner, he did. Let’s just wait until I wake up tomorrow.

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