The New M.E. Generation

“Sorry that my girlfriend did that of pushing you over here,” said I.

“That’s ok. The one I really wanted to talk to is you,” said the guy, who introduced himself as Jesse.

Oh, no, here we go again with the cougar thing. I don’t know his age yet, but, by just looking at him, I knew he was younger than me and not by just a few years.

“So, are you still in college break or what? My girlfriend said you’re like, 21?”

“23. I’m done with college. Now I’m part of the corporate world. How about you? What’s your age?”

“How old do you think I am?”

He took another look at me from head to toe. “I would say no more than 32.”

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m 32.” (What? Thought I would give the real one away?)

But this wasn’t exactly the right move. Because this was not an issue with him, he became more interested in me. And I’m not for some reason.

He kept saying how beautiful he thought I was, and that any man would be happy to have a woman like me (starting with him). Even learning that I was divorced didn’t scare him away.

I couldn’t help feeling flattered by his remarks since you don’t get that every day. But my previous ‘cougar moments’ didn’t lead to anything long-term.

I know one should never use the past as a comparison and that there are positive things that I’ve gained from these experiences.

But now I feel like ‘been there, done that.’ As of today, I am in a ‘happy place’ and don’t feel the need to ‘go on a guy hunt’ yet again, not even for the fun of it or ‘for the love of the art.’

I know I need to let this ‘cub’ go away, but I’ve never done that. Dina and Madelyn have been the experts at this.

Holy, getting rid of a guy! How does it go?


Another year comes and goes, and what a better way to honor the start of a new one, than getting together and celebrate Dina’s birthday.

Yes, her arrival into this world occurred the first week of the year, many moons ago. Plus, she had just come back from a trip abroad that, once again, showcased her adventurous side and how she makes the most of those moments when she’s somewhere in the world.

Dina gathered together a group of friends for dinner, to be followed afterwards by some dancing. I got to the restaurant around 8pm and pretty much everybody that was invited had just gotten there. We were about six people all together, some which I had not met before.

It was interesting to learn that basically most of us where from different parts of the world, which correlated with Dina’s international travels.

She marveled everyone with her trip stories, all those moments that made it unforgettable, and makes you want to do some of that until your ‘travel bug’ is satisfied.

I looked at Dina while she talked and felt grateful to have her as a friend, as well as be reminded of the so many things I could be discovering around the world.

But, I can’t complaint. I have done some traveling on my own terms and for specific reasons. I have given closure to plenty of things post divorce and feel I am at ease right now.

It’s not that I don’t want to travel no more, but I will start doing it again when the right moment comes. And when that happens it will be just for me as the one who has finally regained who I am as a person, and that is now in a happy and peaceful place.

It will be to discover the other wondrous things the world has to offer and not necessarily to close the gap in issues that were pending in my life. That journey has already been made, and what a ride it was.

et cetera