The New M.E. Generation

Yes it was. It wasn’t just rain; it seemed as if a hurricane had just hit the area and I wasn’t aware of it.

The water came down heavy and hard, so much that not even the curtains to protect the dinning area helped.

Our waiter offered to relocate us so we chose to sit at the bar. I excused myself to go to a ‘brb’, but more than that, I needed to take a breather.

The rain, in its horrific state that presented itself, was ironically a lifeline. It started just when the arguing conversation needed to end before it got worse.

When I got back, Alex was talking to these two girls sitting to his left. I wasn’t pleased about it, but didn’t show it. Instead, I joined in the conversation to pretend I didn’t care. I ordered a new drink and decided not to let it get to me again.

I enjoyed the rest of the night as much as I could. The rain ended and it sure was the same for me.

Alex walked me to my car and we said good-bye. I wasn’t sure what to expect in the future, if that.

Some weeks later he called me and we met up again. Other time after I called him and hanged out. In between we call each other and have good conversations.

We finally got to where we should have all along: being friends. It feels as if the time gap never happened.

I’m glad to say I’m content with the relationship we have right now and can only wish it stays this way.

Could anything else happen between us? No, it won’t. I’m sure we’re not meant for each other and I’m fine with that.

Whatever could happen next (or not), well, I’m not going to chase it down like I used to. I’ll just let the universe take care of that.

et cetera