The New M.E. Generation

{August 14, 2017}   Looking Back 58 – The options

About a week went by when I get this text: “Hope you are well. In an effort to streamline my life, I deactivated the previous number a few weeks ago. Hope you are well. This is my active number now. Frank.” Now I know why he didn’t make any remarks to my last text.

And definitely needs to ease his life. By the repeat of the “hope” line it’s clear he has no time to do something as simple as double-checking what he wrote.

And, no, won’t forward my last message again. Better that it happened that way. Instead, I focused on finding out what happened during the long weekend.

Me: “So what did you finally do for the holiday?”

Him: “Which one? The 4th?”

Me: “Yes. Went to the Bahamas?”

Him: “No. I stayed local. My daughter’s birthday was on the 2nd.”

Me: “Good for you.”

Him: “One can only take the Bahamas so much. LOL.”

Me: “What are you saying? You love the beach.”

Him: “It’s the Bahamas. Not the beach.”

Me: “The Bahamas are synonymous with that.” (In other words, don’t dissect what I say so much. You love the beach. The Bahamas is a beach paradise. Thus you like it there. Or so I thought.)

The texting ended there yet again, with a feeling that this maybe would be the last one for a while. But like I said before, I’m fine with that.

About a week later on a Thursday at exactly 12pm, I get a new text.

Him: “Well…” (with an image of the side view of an executive jet). “I’ll be your way in 25 minutes.”

I thought to myself, ‘he’s back!!!’ And I’ll give him credit that he announced his arrival at a very descent time, although it was done basically when he was already here. So at least he paid attention when I said to please let me know early and not when I’m about to leave work.

Me: “Wow! The lifestyle of the rich and famous. And I of a commoner. How long will you be here for?”

Him: “The weekend. Will be in Bal Harbour.” (Now that’s nice!)

Me: “Good for you. The famous cardio patient?”

Him: “Yes ma’am. What are you up to?”

Me: “Working. Reviewing a radio spot for a fast-food client.”

Him: “Fun. Just landed.”

Me: “Cool. It actually makes me hungry.” (laughing emoji)

Him: “Hungry? The commercial?”

Me: “Yes.”

I then took a break from texting; I had to finish what I was doing, but I did mostly to buy time and decide how I would go about him.

Since I had expressed before that I needed to disconnect from everything us related, I had the feeling he was waiting for me to make that decision.

It’s not that complicated, I either go to him (if I choose to do that) or he comes to me (which shouldn’t be a problem).

Or, put in another way, I’ll analyze it like the combo meal described in the copy I’m reviewing: “Choose between a double bacon cheeseburger or chicken BLT, plus nuggets, fries, and a drink for just $4.”

So, what’s the deal? Hmmm. How about lunch (not this one; my own) and then decide? Yeah, I can chew on that.







“I’m fine,” said Johann. “How long has it been since we last spoke?”

“My last memory was you telling me in your card that you were getting married and couldn’t write to me any more,” said I.

“Actually, it was my wife who told me to do that. I was upset about it, but what could I do? I’ve always regretted it.”

“Well, if it gives you any comfort, I got rid of most of your letters when I got married. I regretted it too, especially after he left me. But, you and I did what we thought we had to do for the sake of our relationships.”

“I’m sorry that happened to you. You know, I was really into you. I wanted to finish my education and fly out to see you again. I would have had a relationship with you, even taken it to the next level, have I been given the chance.”

“What, for real? We were so young! How did you know I was the one for you when we weren’t even living in the same country?”

“That’s how much I had feelings for you.”

“Well, I will say this: life sure has a way of taking care of things.”

Wow! I did have lots of feelings for him, but I think part of them were of being ‘enamored’ with the long distance aspect and he being a foreigner in the navy.

But it was now that I learned how serious he had been about me. What he said was a very powerful statement.

Johann didn’t have a lot of time to talk so we wrapped it up. It may have been brief, but so much was said (and felt).

I couldn’t get off my mind the fact that had there been the opportunity we could have ended up together.

It’s ironic to think that my ‘x’ said to me that he knew he would marry me after our first date. I questioned him about it and he kept saying, ‘I just knew’. It sounded romantic at the time, but after all I went through, it later felt he really didn’t put much analysis into this, if that.

What about me? What relates to men, I thought I had it all figured out when I got involved with him. I knew being married wasn’t going to be easy, but felt confident I could make it work.

Still, how much guarantee do we have of anything working out, no matter at what age? Answer is, none.

But, like I told Johann, life took care of things because it protected us from a situation it wasn’t meant to be.

If I am right about this, why didn’t it take care of that other guy?

What have you got to say now ‘life’?

This guy disappeared off the radar, but not for very long.

That’s how he behaved, so when I started getting texts very late in the evening or really early morning, I wasn’t surprised at all. He would either send multiple messages or a very brief one. I would or would not respond to them depending on the day and time they were received.

Those late in the evening on a work week were usually those of ‘how are you?’ If I hadn’t gone to sleep yet, I would respond with a quick answer like ‘I’m fine, txs’.

If received during my sleep, I would not answer at all, not even the next day.

If anything happened during the weekend, he would text late Friday or Saturday evening with the ‘hey, what are you doing tonight?’ line. Even if I was ‘home alone’ with no plans, I would wait a while and then answer, ‘sorry out on a date’.

Now, those received early morning continued to be weird like, ‘listening to music here’, ‘have your apartment all set up?’ or ‘want to see you again’.

Those I would not read until I woke up. Seeing his name on my mobile was an eyesore. I would basically not answer.

It was sort of strange though that he wouldn’t continue his texts even after I responded to them. It’s like one minute you’re interested in me and then you’re not.

At moments I would laugh and others felt sorry for him because I think that after the wedding incident he hasn’t been able to score with any women and he’s probably wondering what the hell is going on with that.

It seems to me that he’s trying to have me as his next ‘trophy woman’ and finally break the streak.

Hmm, interesting. I never thought about that. But yet, who cares? It’s still not happening (as is him and me).

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