The New M.E. Generation

So, now, how am I going to do this?

Well, I have two options. One is a phone call. Two is an email.

And what did I choose?

Option two of course.

I’m not going through any more of those ‘under three minutes of less’ conversations that really pissed me off in the past.

Yes, email will be.

I know I will probably get (if I do) a ’30 words or less’ (make it more like 20; better yet, 10) response from Brian, which, at the end, will equally upset me. But that all depends on how much I’m willing to let that affect me.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to keep my message as simple and direct as possible, with no mention of meeting up in the future or anything like this, which I did, and read something as follows:

“Hi Brian. The other day I was at a bar with my girlfriend and we met a colleague of yours, Stephan, who tried to pick her up. Nice guy.

I also heard from him that your life is doing well. Glad to hear that.

Best regards, Emma”

Now it’s a matter of waiting for a reply, if any.

I can’t deny I’m curious to know if Stephan mentioned the encounter with Brian and what was Brian’s reaction was when he learned about it.

Brian probably responded like a typical ‘surfer dude’ would do: “Yeah? Cool.”

That’s it, with not a lot of fuzz about it. And then, he simply went back to work as usual.

That’s it, just like that.

et cetera