The New M.E. Generation

The ‘What do you think about dating younger men?’ sentence kept staring at me like the fate of the world depended on it.

If felt like those moments when you have to make an important decision or decipher a situation that you don’t want to tackle when you probably know the outcome beforehand.

Some examples include: Am I pregnant? Is this guy into me or not? ‘Should I do something new to my hair? Should I tell my girlfriend the real truth about her relationship when she asks ‘my opinion’ on the matter?

I know I’m not obliged to answer this question, but in a certain matter I did, not for him, but for myself. He’s just somebody who somehow found me on the site and presented me with a question.

I’m not new to this situation, but his inquiry kept spinning in my head as if I was analyzing it for the first time (see The Accidental Cougar and Another Cougar Moment).

On one hand I know there’s no future on it as it has been rightfully proven to me. But I’m also trying to keep an open mind and give myself the opportunity to live the things that are presented to me. If I don’t, I’ll probably never get to where I need to.

Then, what do I think about this today? Well, for starters, he’s cute, seems to have a nice body, has career goals that seem to be headed the right way, and obviously knows how to have fun.

Then there’s the issue of the tongue sticking out. I was having a dual feeling about it, meaning gross as in where and in what he’s been applying it; the other was a curiosity of his abilities of what he could do with it.

So, am I going to base my decision an infamous body part or what I actually think on the younger man/older woman issue?

‘Been there, done that,’ wrote I. ‘I think this is more of what you’re hoping to get out of it.’

I didn’t want to get into a long reply. Asking me this question is definitely not intended to opening the lines of communication. Besides, I’m sure what he really wants is to put his body part into work (well, it depends of what he thinks about me physically).

And getting too detailed or negative on my content will make me come across as something I’m not (like a bitch). If he gets in a mode I don’t like, I’ll just delete him and move on as if nothing has happened.

I exited the site right after I replied to the message and kept going with my night. I may have analyzed this issue again, but I already know what to do if this situation doesn’t stick.


After I sent the email I put my mind into something else. It was one of those few moments in which I would do something and not dwell or kept thinking about what would happen next.

After a few hours of not checking my emails, I finally did. At that moment, I got the curiosity if any outcome had occurred. And it did. He replied.

“Hey, nice to hear from you after all this time. My life is going well with work, kids and else. Give me a call and let’s talk and get an update of everything that’s going on. You probably still have my number, but here it is just in case.”

Wow, that was so unexpected, the part of being so nice and even providing his number. I did expect a reply, but not this type.

Although something written can be interpreted in many ways, it gave me a good vibe. It was the feeling of being an invitation to reopen the lines of communication.

So now that I got the response I really wished for, more than excited, I’m scared.

Of course I will call him. How I speak over the phone is another thing. No room to repeat mistakes.

Damn, what have I gotten myself into?

I woke up the following day determined to take a resolution with all the communications I had received. Yes, all of them!

The first step I took was to scroll down the page and check off all photos that didn’t ‘click’ with me the first second I looked at them, and then hit ‘delete.’

I did not delete the 23 year old or 50 something man, as they were not that bad looking.

I responded to the young one the same as I did with Jesse, “I’m old enough to be your mom,” to which he said, “I don’t care. Can you handle it?” to which I concluded, “Sorry, not interested” (to what I really felt like answering, “Why don’t you just cover yourself with a condom and just sperm off?”).

I then continued to the older one; “Aren’t you concerned about the age difference?” This is the same situation as before, but in reverse. He wasn’t pleased by my question, to which he basically responded something related to the quality of people as more important, and ended his communication with “Good-bye.” Good-bye to you too.

Moving on… I then started looking at the photos that got my attention and read their profiles. Some didn’t click with me, others were interesting, but well written, which I liked.

Although some of the guys were for sure not a match, I appreciated that they had taken the time and best effort into what they did, and were as serious as I was to find that ‘special someone.”

After reviewing all profiles, I thought the next step was to choose a few (like 2-3) that I felt were worth continuing keeping the lines of communication open.

But among those two to three, I kept going back to one in particular. His profile was simple and straightforward, nothing out of the ordinary in my world.

What is it about him that is actually ‘moving me’ inside?

et cetera