The New M.E. Generation

I would bet myself that I wrote a letter to Johann as soon as I had the chance.

There was a time when I was a pretty good pen pal. Writing wasn’t difficult for me and enjoyed filling pages front and back with whatever anecdote that came to mind.

My first letter to him probably talked about the three days of events together. I’m sure it was loaded with sentiment, such as that I was thinking about him, that I was already missing him, and wished we would meet again.

Yes, it was a lot to say. But, those letters were traveling to whatever part of the world he was, meaning, he was the only one reading them, that is, if he didn’t share them.

This was the time way before anything went viral, so your secrets, or whatever else you said, stayed on paper.

Of course, the waiting was terrible. You didn’t know if the other person would indeed write or he was just another guy saying anything to make you feel good.

I got my answer a few weeks later when I received a letter from Johann. I don’t know who wrote first, but I think he did with the feeling he initiated the conversation.

I was really happy to read something written by him, with the ship’s address on the envelope, and stamps from wherever he mailed it out from.

I do remember that the stationery was thinner than what I had and his collection of thoughts followed pretty much mine, such as what he was doing during his travels and that he was also thinking about me.

The letters kept coming and I treasured every one of them. He would even include pictures of himself, his hometown, or whatever he thought might interest me.

I started doing that as well; send him pictures of me. At times I would ask my girlfriends at school to shoot some with my camera. They knew they were for him and all they could do was smile and laugh at me.

But I couldn’t stop thinking where all this was going, especially ever crossing paths again. Don’t get me wrong, this whole long distance relationship was great, but, how long is going to last?

My answer couldn’t have sooner than later.

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