The New M.E. Generation

We kept on chatting and eating the pizza. It certainly took me back to my college days when I didn’t have that much money and sometimes would split it with another guy when our budgets didn’t allow us to go outside of campus on a date.

No matter what day it was or what was happening, it always tasted good. It was one of those few moments that I would treat myself to something I liked.

It was nice that I was now being treated with something as simple as this and was still making me feel good.

That also made me remember the few guys I dated in college. Not everyone had a car, so the easiest thing to do was order a pizza for delivery.

Waiting for it to arrive was usually the ‘make or break’ moment because that’s the time you would talk about yourself and pretty much figure out what the guy was made of.

It was ironic that I was experiencing the same emotions over a food as I was doing tonight.

I believed we stayed for one more hour and decided to call it a night. We didn’t agree on anything happening next.

I thanked him for the evening during our walk back to the cars. He repeated the thing of walking in the inside of the sidewalk. But this time I took him by the arm and moved him to the outside.

“I was taught that guys should walk on the side that faces the street so they protect the woman,” said I to which he gave me a puzzled look for obviously not having any knowledge of this etiquette rule.

I really didn’t care if he liked it or not. I wasn’t doing it to be a show off or pretend I was better at him on certain life matters.

I did it because I wanted to determine if he was worth any more of my time once I got on my car and left.

He didn’t make any comment about what I said, so we kept walking as if nothing had happened.

We got to our cars, which for me signaled the end of the night.

“Thanks again, it was a lovely evening,” said I.

I didn’t say anything else. I was not making the same mistake as before of chasing guys or trying to define the situation immediately.

“Would you like to have a drink at my apartment? I’ve got wine,” said he.

Ok, that I wasn’t expecting. This made me remember of ‘want to hang out at my dorm room for a while?’

Oh boy, this question is as scary as a Halloween horror movie. Trick or treat?

Alex and I kept exchanging emails for a week or so. It wasn’t that we were communicating every day. We would write or respond to each other whenever we felt like it.

You have to consider we are both busy people and exchanging emails just for the sake of it or to say anything is not my interest. Besides, what needs to be said can be done straight to the point, and he had the talent for that.

Through his messages I got to learn that he had several kids and was in the health field. His wife was the one who decided on the separation, and he moved (and lost) what used to be his house. He was renting a one-bedroom apartment (like me), but was making the arrangements to move back to one of the properties he owned with his ex.

His children were a topic he fondly talked about. Although they ‘give him a headache’ from time to time, he was taking every effort to ensure that the effects of the divorce wouldn’t permanently affect them. He was very proud of them and happy that they were the best incentive in getting his life back on track.

I was glad to hear about this. It’s very important for me that guys have a good relationship with his kids (and them with their father) because it can ‘make or break’ a relationship with someone else.

Hmm, I wonder how he is with that? How does he behave when he’s with a new woman plus the kids?

And why am I having anxiety over something has not even happened yet? I mean, I don’t even know if we ever get to meet face to face.

Would I like to? Aaah, let me stick with the emails for now.

et cetera