The New M.E. Generation

I left to my New Year’s party invitation and completely forgot about Ivan on my way to it.

The place I’ve spent this night has been pretty much the same these past few years. Even better, the usual people go there, so we all know each other and I don’t feel out of place in spite of going alone.

It was a great night. I danced, partied plenty, ate great food and even enjoyed being around other people’s kids.

I also made sure and got something to wear just for the night. I went to a secret location that I know and scored a dress from an Asian designer with a quirky pattern that had golden accents on it.

I was glad that I found what I had envisioned on my mind: different, with a metallic color and even more, at a great price.

Yep, metallics are very popular during the holidays, but for me it represented trying to end the year and start the next one with a new glow.

Some of the people complemented my dress and I was glad they did. Thinking back at my other ensembles, I realized how they have evolved as a reflection of my times and emotions.

I will say that this year’s dress is the most fashionable so far. I’ve even changed my hairstyle which I got even more complements for.

If you looked at it you will see that the shape is simple, but the colors are bright (purple, red, blue) in structured lines all over the fabric.

It correlates with my current state of mind that I like things bright as they relate to light or positive things. Metallics reflect sunshine and capture the glow of stars. It all goes back to light, enlightenment, opening your space within yourself to let it shine in new things.

Although the background of the fabrics is black, the intensity of the color was perfect to make the others stand out. So in a way it means that my darker times are moving back and new shades are stepping in.

When midnight arrived I cried as I always do, but less intense as other years. People hugged me and I thanked everyone, including the house dog, for this night which they made it special.

The family even lighted some lanterns, which flew away in the sky. It gave me a feeling that I finally let go of the negative and that the light was showing the universe that, ‘I’m still here, watch me soar’.

I left the party when everyone started leaving and still no sign of Ivan, so I went home and relaxed before going to bed.

It was still dark, but the night had been perfect. I looked at the stars from my window and instead of making a wish I closed my eyes and said to myself, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’, and thought nothing else.

I opened my eyes. It’s a new year of new beginnings.

{June 10, 2013}   Take Me Back 8 – I believe

‘The ship is going to be in your hometown again, but only for one day’, read the letter.

I was going to see him again! That was incredible, considering it had only been a few months since I first met him.

The ship was just going to make a stopover, so Johann explained he would call me home at the first opportunity he had. How and when we would meet was to be determined upon the ship’s arrival and him being able to disembark it.

A couple of weeks went by and when the day arrived, I was really scared that this reunion would not occur.

I remember getting up that Saturday doing my usual things, but never leaving home. At some point my mother noticed I was sitting in the balcony for extended periods of time or running to the phone every time it rang. I told her the truth and she took it well.

The day turned into night and I kept waiting, and waiting, until (ring!) the phone call I wanted to get was finally received.

“Hey, I made it!” said he.

I was so happy I could barely contain my emotions. “Can’t believe we’re talking again! Never thought it would happen”. Yes, I was trying to be cool but couldn’t.

Whatever else was said was that, because it was already night, it was better that he took a cab and meet me at home.

I hanged up and sat on the balcony again waiting for his arrival. It was probably the longest wait ever for me back then. Every minute felt like an hour.

Then, after ‘an eternity’ passed, I saw this cab pull up. Johann was in it and pointed to the driver as in ‘this is the place’, paid and got off.

‘He’s here, he’s here’, I thought to myself.

Talking about making a wish and getting it. After this day, I certainly do believe.

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