The New M.E. Generation

I don’t remember what I said to my mom regarding the ship’s visit, but she agreed to take me on Saturday afternoon after completing our house chores.

That was the routine every weekend, cleaning the house, and I was anxious to get it done. I think I even had time to take a quick nap afterwards.

What I do remember is that I dressed up nicely with long white pants, a striped shirt and blue shoes. I don’t know what I was thinking because I could have worn something more casual.

But growing up wearing a school uniform all your years of schooling made you wanting to wear nice clothes whenever you had the opportunity.

My mom and I got to the location and my heart rushed as soon as I saw the ship. It was all white and traditionally designed like those you would see in the movies. But seeing it in real life was an experience I’ve never had before.

I stood with my mom before the ramp connecting the dock and ship. There were two guys on each side of it, who greeted us before walking up. They were surely happy to see me (guess you guys don’t get to see too many chicks?).

When I finally stepped on the ship and took a good look at it, I felt transported to another place and perhaps time. For a few seconds, I simply forgot where I was.

I don’t remember how things happened next, but I asked one of the guys where Johann was. He turned around and called to him out loud, with a tone of ‘somebody’s here looking for you, you lucky guy’.

I was so embarrassed as I was still trying to keep this situation unknown to my mom. But before I could react any further, almost coming out of thin air, Johann appeared.

He stood in front of me, I turned around to look for my mom and, to my surprise, she walked away, laughing.

I got what I wanted, getting to the ship, finding Johann and my mom allowing me to talk to him.

Now, what do I do?

I looked at him again and all I could do was say ‘hi’ and smile.

“Hey, you made it! I’m so glad you did!” said he. He probably thought he would never see me again.

Looking back I now realize what an accomplishment that was. I made a decision on doing something and went for it, but thinking it would probably fail somewhere in the attempt.

I took a risk and something greater than me made it all happen. Call it courage, the universe, or perhaps divine intervention.

What’s important is that I was there.

“Yes, I surely did. I made it.”

After the ‘Jesse’ incident, I decided to take some time off for myself. This meant still having a social life, but avoiding encounters of any kind with men.

I just wanted to go out with Dina or else and have a nice, quiet time like on her birthday bash, or just having a drink while chatting the night away.

And this I certainly did, for a while. But after some time had passed, I started to feel lonely.

It was good to have given myself some space to recover, but felt my life had become monotonous. Going out with the girls was fun, and being able to enjoy the outings my way was even better, but there’s as much as one can do.

Yeah, I wanted to meet a guy. But, more than that, I wanted to have a serious relationship; something long-term, a boyfriend; something that has not happened since I became single again.

But the old, conventional way has not worked for me (bars, through acquaintances, friends, accidental meetings).

So, how am I going to make it happen? There’s only one choice for me now.

I’m going online.

Dina and I finished our ‘quick stop’ or ‘brb’ and are walking towards the door to leave when these two guys crossed my path.

“Aren’t you Emma?” said one of then. I responded with a puzzled ‘yes.’ “Don’t know you if you remember us, but we attended high school together.”

OMG! What a surprise this was. I couldn’t believe that after so many years after graduating, these two still remembered me.

“How did you guys recognize me?” asked I.

“You still look the same,” said one of them.

Well! That was the best complement I’ve had in a very long time. If after all I’ve gone through these two still think I look great (ah, I guess that ‘s what they meant), damn, I must be doing something right. Man, my ego went sky high.

I was still standing in the hallway in total awe when them guys asked if I could have a drink with them before I left.

Dina took a seat at the bar and everyone else stood. Lucky me (and her), a guy sitting next to Dina started talking to her. Even better, he looked cute and someone that maybe Dina could be interested in getting to know.

I was even luckier that from where I was standing, I had a direct view of the first guy who had been staring at me the entire night. He was still alone and now that I was talking to these two guys, he wasn’t moving from his chair.

I noticed that his look was one that, yes, he was interested in approaching me, but was waiting for the right moment to make it happen.

This is great! He’s probably thinking that I am in demand.

Whoa! Is everybody going to be lucky tonight?

I sat in front of my computer and put my thinking cap on. ‘He said he worked in the West station…,’ I thought to myself.

After visiting several websites that provided information about fire stations in the Metro region, I finally came across the only one that matched the above-mentioned area with full location information.

I then did a search for driving directions and, as it turned out, the station was not that far from the restaurant where the networking event was held. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the place.

I have the information that I needed and I’m still staring at the computer screen thinking when I’m going to make it happen.

I’m analyzing my decision probably the same way scientists at NASA consider all aspects of the weather report before giving the ‘go ahead’ to launch the space shuttle.

All the conditions are perfect. I’m all set to go.

‘Tomorrow it is.’

The location had a laid back atmosphere. The building looked like a warehouse and it had a pool table in one corner, the bar in the middle, and the stage on the other side. The music had already started when we arrived, and the dance space was packed.

There were no open spots in the bar, so we sat in some couches next to the pool table. I’m watching people dance when, out of nowhere, this nice looking guy asked me to dance.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“Oh, like the ‘Friends’ character,” I said.

He gave me this look that he gets that line all the time. He also had dark hair and blue eyes like the actor who played the role.

“Where are you from?” I then asked.
“Boston and I’m Irish,” said he.

OMG, Boston! All of a sudden this rush of emotions overwhelmed me. My last college roommate is from there. I knew a stack of people in school who were from Massachusetts. My grandfather, brother and an ex-boyfriend attended school there. My sister-in-law is Irish-American. I have a lot of connections with this city that I had forgotten about.

I kept looking at this guy and felt traveling back in time to my college years in Connecticut, and that I was dancing in one of those bars I used to hang out with my friends.

“Have you been back?” Ross asked me.
I landed back in ‘the city.’ “To where?”
“Boston,” answered Ross.
“No, but I’ve been wanting to for some time.”
“Then maybe you should,” he concluded.

Yeah, maybe I should. I’ve had this wish for many years now to meet up with my ex-roommate and make a trip to visit our alma mater.

I’ve also wanted to see my former college advisor.

Ross and I kept dancing until the band ended playing at 1am. We sat in the couch I originally was when he asked me to dance and we kept talking until around 3am when Madelyn asked me to go home. I could have stayed with him many more hours if had been given the opportunity.

This time, when asked for my phone number, I gladly complied in giving it, but I also asked for his. Ross gave me a look of being surprised at my request.

I left the lounge feeling good with myself and really happy to have met him. He revived a wish that I had dormant in the back of my mind which made me realize the time has come to make it happen.

Ross said he would call me tomorrow to go to the movies or something.

Hopefully he’ll hold his word on it.

et cetera