The New M.E. Generation

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Dina!” said I while trying to conceal my excitement. “Isn’t the guy with the glasses Erik?”

“Who??” said she totally lost of whom I was talking about.

“Erik, the Swedish guy we met at the bar way back then. You and I met up with some of your friends and this guy asked me out to dance, and I thought he was part of the group, and after we left the place he called me at my mobile, and we both jumped hysterically inside my car, remember?”

Dina carefully looked over her shoulder while her mental memory stick was doing the research, but by the look in her face I could tell the data was not retrieved.

“Never mind, I’m sure it’s him. I can recognize those frames from a mile away,” I continued.

I got close to Dina’s two girlfriends and gave them a full rundown of the incident to which we all ended up laughing about. Dina did too but didn’t convince me that she indeed remembered him or the incident.

Well, I don’t blame her. It has been over a year and Erik was one of the first guys I met after my break-up, and after being with (what’s his name) for so long, I was totally clueless on how to face life, especially men, all on my own.

And now that all this time has passed through my life, including many other men, I wonder this: if my encounter with Erik had occurred today, how would I have handled it?

Now that’s some food for thought.

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