The New M.E. Generation

I called my mother the day before I left to my trip to say good-bye.

The trip was planned way in advance and I’ve set it on my mind to enjoy it to the max. I even bought myself a much skimpier bathing suit than my ‘x’ felt comfortable me wearing.

It was for me like getting even or finally overcoming the ‘body issue’ that, thanks to him, had greatly damaged my self-esteem for so long.

I now felt liberated and thought I was ready to show the world who the new m.e. was.

But this was quickly putted to the test with what my mother told me over the phone.

“When your dad and I went to the resort’s location in Martinique (many, many years ago), the women there were topless on the beach,” said my mom.

“But that is one of the French islands. I’m going to Mexico; I don’t think that happens there…” I said somewhat concerned.

Now my mom got me all nervous!

I’m hoping that my trip provides a Spring Break experience of being all day at the beach and partying all night, but skipping any extreme type of activity (like showing skin that others are not meant to see, participating in a wet t-shirt contest if there was one, or anything else that, in my world, falls into this word’s definition).

The conversation with my mom left me really asking myself what was I expecting to get out of this trip. What is it that I’m really looking forward to?

I mean, would I go to ‘my extreme’ and go topless if given the opportunity?

I started hyperventilating.

‘I’ll deal with it when I get there…’ I concluded quickly.


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