The New M.E. Generation

Jay gladly gave me his number and I called him at an agreed time and date.

“Hey, how are you?” said he very excited.

“Fine,” is all I could say. “This is very unexpected to me, and quite flattering as well.”

“You shouldn’t be surprised. I think you’re hot.” (Aah, you mean ‘hot’ as in wanting to get me to bed, or ‘hot’ as in being pretty?) “When I saw you having breakfast with Hiio that Saturday morning, I thought to myself, ‘wow, this is a girl I would like to get to know.’”

“Like I said, this is something unusual for me.”

Jay was surprised at my comment, so I had to explain to him about my then current divorce, how many years it lasted, and because I was basically newly single, anything pertaining to dating or relationships had become new again to me.

He shared with me that he could relate to my situation. He once was very much in love with a girl and planned to be married. But her family opposed the engagement and put so much pressure that she decided not to marry. Jay was obviously very much broken-hearted.

“I can understand why my approach is making you uncomfortable,” said he. “Listen, there’s still some time before I possibly make this trip, so just consider it for now.

My plan is to go there, do some water skiing, spend a few days with you and get to know you more. It’s not that complicated.

Like I said, there’s still some time to go, so let’s keep on talking, and discussing it further, all right?”

I was very glad to have had that conversation, although I was still anxious about it.

Yes, keeping up with the conversation is a good approach. He still needs to convince me about his trip and other details called logistics. Meaning, what will actually happen during his time here.

But, really, do I have to be so uptight about this?

Anxiety rising…

I’m talking to some attendees when I started getting hungry. I love sushi and I’m considering eating some before heading home.

I see this guy sitting at a table by himself eating a plate, which looked pretty tempting to me from where I’m standing. I decided to go over to where he is.

“Hi, what’s that roll you’re eating?” I asked him. He tells me, but I could barely hear him with all the noise.

He asked me if I would like to sit down and join him. I accepted. We started talking and introduced ourselves. He tells me his name is Brian.

I took a closer look at him. “OMG! You probably know that you look exactly like…”
“Actor Woody Harrelson. Yeah, I get that all the time,” he said.

How about that? I’ve never met anybody that resembled a movie star.

“So, Brian, what is your area of expertise related to Marketing?”
“I’m not. I’m a firefighter.”
(Record scratching sound)
“You’re not here for the event?” I asked surprised.
“No, I’m off today and decided to come eat something.”

‘Oh. A firefighter. Interesting,’ I thought to myself. I don’t recall ever meeting or knowing someone in this career. I ordered some sushi for myself and we continued talking.

He disclosed that he’s divorced with kids. He’s also American from the same Hispanic descent as my ‘x,’ which made me really nervous.

The thing is, after the break-up I had made a vow with myself that I would never get involved with someone with the same background.

He then continued to ask me the usual personal questions, which I answered straight to the point. ‘I’m newly single.’ ‘No, I don’t have any children.’ ‘I was married for 14 years.’ This night I didn’t feel the need to expand on these topics.

He also touched the subject about my age. Like that of children, this is something that at times I simply don’t want to discuss either.

“If you were married all those years, I’m guessing you must be around 40,” Brian says.
“Something like that,” I concluded.

While I’m still eating, Madelyn sends me a text message, asking me how the event was going. I responded with, ‘I’m here with a Latino firefighter,’ to which she answered, ‘Good for you! Enjoy it, ok?’

I finished my meal and we decided to continue talking outside the restaurant. The noise level was way too loud to handle any conversation.

I take a deep breath. ‘This guy is so cute!’ I thought to myself (and so have the rest of the other ones I’ve met. Hint: I’m desperate). Can I just get my act together here and obviously not show that I’m excited of being with him?

et cetera