The New M.E. Generation

This guy took forever to get to my place considering that it was the weekend, was driving on the highway and with the assistance of a GPS.

Worst part was that he called a couple of times to make sure he was headed the right way. All he had to do was to go straight all the way until he reached a particular intersection and take the exit to the right.

From that he needed to continue a little further up make a left, then a right, another left and ‘touch down’.

“Should I go west or east at the intersection?” asked he.

“Just take the one to the right. It’s that simple.”

“But is it going west or east?”

“I am telling you the exit to your right.”

He kept insisting over the phone until I got really upset. What part doesn’t he comprehend?

“Like I explained to you,” said I, “when you get to the exit, follow the arrows pointing to the right to the street number I gave you.”

He kept me on the line until he drove the right way. When he exited, he was sounding more lost than ever. This was definitely a bad idea but could not do anything about it now.

He was now confirming the rest of the directions over and over. C’mon you, it’s not that difficult to get to my place!

When he finally understood how to get to my location, he ended the call by saying he needed to take care of something before heading here.

Say what? You keep me all this time on the phone wasting my minutes when you have a GPS and several mobile applications that could have done the same work as me? And now you need to ‘take care of something’?

I have to admit this has been the biggest mistake in my entire dating career. I shouldn’t have met or gone out with him. This is a feeling like admitting defeat in something one is doing.

So what am I supposed to do now? Don’t know, especially when his whereabouts are unknown as we speak.

Really, where the heck is he??

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