The New M.E. Generation

It had been a long and enjoyable weekend and still had the second city to get to for the day.

My friend got out of the water, rinsed off, changed clothes and else, while I sat on the car waiting for him when I checked my phone. It was around 3pm.

And, there it was, a missed call from an unidentified caller. Looking at the number, I took a guess it could be no one else but ‘the beach guy’.

I called back, got his voicemail, and left a message.

Great, now this is going to be like the ‘back and forth’ emails that we send to each other at random times.

I had mixed feelings when I heard his voice. On one end I was glad that, after all these years, we would finally get to speak to each other. On the other, I was having a gut feeling life was to repeat itself.

My friend got inside the car and, when I was about to start it, the phone rang again and it was he. The moment of truth had arrived and I was nervous.

We exchanged the usual greetings and small talk before getting down to business.

“I’m 2 hours away from you,” said he. “I could drive down today and stay at a hotel to sleep.”

“The thing is I’m headed to another place now with my friend to have dinner there and then drive all the way back, so I don’t know what time I’ll be back. You should have called me ahead of time. Can you make it tomorrow?” asked I.

“No, I have a lot to do tomorrow, starting with my kids. It’s difficult for me to plan ahead. Also, is that guy your boyfriend?”

I knew this question would come up. “No, he’s not my boyfriend!” said I in an upsetting tone. “I’ve known him since I was 13 and graduated from our school as well.” (Dude, if I invited you to come see me it’s because I have an interest in you.)

I thought to myself, why am I giving this extensive explanation to him? Worst of all, I should have stepped outside my car and taken the call away from my friend. The way I responded to the question was totally wrong.

The conversation got into more of ‘who should done what and when’, or who was responsible for this failed attempt to see each other.

So, I agreed with ‘the beach guy’ that I would call him when I was traveling back from my dinner.

I took the wheel again and tried to concentrate on my driving, but my friend knew I was upset. I didn’t want to talk about it because I was sure his opinion about the other guy just got more negative.

At a certain point I did vent out because I was frustrated yet again at my bad luck with men.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have told him about meeting. I feel like a fool for getting my hopes too high like you said,” said I.

“Better now than later,” answered he.

“I know, but nothing happened. I don’t know what to make of it.”

“Don’t think about it. Enjoy your vacation.”

Yes, I should. I’ll figure it out (or not) after my trip ends.


After this glorious event, things went back to what they used to be. We kept seeing each other on the beach and in-between classes at school.

The only thing that changed was that he took me to his apartment a couple of times, but nothing that shouldn’t have happened did. It would be during the daytime and his parents would be around.

I think he gave me a ride home a couple of times after school, but don’t remember going for one at night again.

Eventually I gave up on him and started seeing another guy from school, but I never quite took my eyes off of him.

The last times I saw him was during one of my summer college breaks back at home when I was working in a restaurant as a hostess. Among all that we talked he mentioned he was driving limos to make money.

I got to see him the very last at his apartment. He was meeting with another med student and was checking out a microscope he was thinking of buying. He again treated me very respectfully and nothing evolved from there. After the summer was over we both went back to college and that was it.

I guess that was our pattern of behavior; we would meet, had some sparks that quickly vanished and would loose contact all together for good, until now.

So that’s how is it going to be yet again? Guess so.

What happened next is that nothing happened.

I tried calling him several times after our last conversation, but he never answered nor returned my calls.

In other instances I emailed or sent him text messages, but with the same results.

I followed his activities online and at many times he was back home. I thought at first he wasn’t responding because he was with his girlfriend or family (as shown from his pictures), but it got to a point that I got upset.

It became obvious he has no interest in speaking to me again.

The reasons why is a situation I will not dwell upon or let get into me. If it is because of something I said over the phone, well, whatever. I will no longer measure what I say or do to get the acceptance of others. If this is a problem with you, it is your loss, not mine.

What really upsets me is that he said he wanted to meet up with me. I would have preferred that he would have told me that, because of his personal situation, he preferred to keep communicating that way we had done so far.

This way I would have respected him more which right now I really don’t, the same way I do with the rest of the guys who came before him.

Secondly, my belief is that when you have a significant other, meaning they don’t need from others, especially when no ‘benefits’ are involved, they don’t care about following through.

If he had been totally alone here in this city with just a few friends or whatever, he would have probably met up with me.

So, unfortunately, this story will not have a second installment. It will keep its ‘cliff hanger’ for me to give a conclusion to, or not.

Maybe I should leave it as it and that’s it.

The End.

A few weeks later I received a surprising text message from Jeffrey: ‘How are you? What are you doing?’

Whoa! Where did this come from? Is he back? If he is, why is he looking for me? I took my chance in calling him and, lucky me, he answered the call.

“So, you’re back?” asked I in a tone of voice pretending nothing had happened.

“Yeah, I’m on the road taking care of business. Did you move?”

“Actually, I did while you were away. Are you close by? Can you make it over here?”

Lucky me, again, he did make it to my new place. When I greeted him at the entrance of my building, he was still looking as good as I remembered. He seemed to have rested somewhat. He also had a face of not entirely being happy to be back in town, a.k.a., back to reality.

He sat in my sofa and I on a chair. I did not bring the question of the reason for his break-up text and now him contacting me again.

“So…how was it? I asked.

“Great! Saw my friends, spent time with my family. I was saddened when I had to leave.”

“And…were you nice or naughty over there?”

Jeff opened his eyes wide, looked down and grinned a smile of ‘gotcha.’” “Yes, I was naughty with two ex-girlfriends of mine.

‘Lucky them,’ I thought. Why can’t I? Yes, I will admit, I felt sort of jealous. What did you expect?

I rolled my eyes up and smiled as well with a look of not being surprised at all. I mean, of course it was bound to happen. He is on an unhappy relationship, he manages to get away from it for a few weeks, and finds former flings willing to provide what he’s lacking. It’s obvious you’re going to for it! Hmm, doesn’t this sound familiar?

“So, what are you going to do now?” asked I. He gave the usual ‘don’t want to talk about it’ look. “It’s not only about your relationship. I meant your life in general.”

“I don’t know. Been thinking of moving back home permanently on my own.”

“Oh? What will you do with your business?”

“Not sure about that either. The only thing I truly know is that if I became single again, I’ll stay like that for a good long time.”

Jeffrey and I kept chatting for a while. And when he left, we said good-bye to each other as we always did before: no agreements or discussion wherever we would talk or see each other again or anything.

We would always say ‘see you later’ or ‘nice seeing you’ as if there would be a next time.

But that no one knew. We have taken each encounter as it came, without thinking about in the present or for the future.

I closed the door and kept on with my life, like nothing had ever happened.

“Heey, good morning! How are you feeling??” asked Dina.

“Good.” I said, “Thanks for the aspirins, they surely worked.”

She then gave me a look of ‘…and who is he?’ Dina has been wishing for me to finally hook up with somebody. So every time I spoke with a guy, she will stand next to me to be the first witness in this major world event.

Being first also meant getting ‘the full monty’ of all details, even if, honestly, nothing happened. ‘What do you mean nothing happened?’ was her usual remark, followed by ‘Not even a kiss??’

“Oh, this is Hiio. Hiio, Dina.

I woke up early and let you sleep. When I came for breakfast, him and I were the only ones here, so we sat together.”

I then looked at her like, ‘do you mind? I’m in the middle of something…’

“Hmm, I’m going to sit by the other tables, so when you’re done, come get me,” she concluded.

I told ‘Monty’ about the toast incident, Pirate, and how Dina came to my rescue the night before.

He started laughing not because of what happened (he decided to skip it; he had already ‘partied’ some, and decided to take a break before dinner), but because of ‘that guy behind me.’

“Yeah, I sure do know Pirate. Who doesn’t?” said Hiio. “He’s one of the old timers here in this resort. He’s probably been around the longest of all of us.”

“Is there anything I need to know about him or might make me feel better about what happened to me?” I asked.

“Listen, these type of toasts have been going on probably forever. I even headed some back in the days when I was a GO.

What I can tell you is that they used to be much wilder than what you experienced, and Pirate was just having fun, if that gives you any consolation.

And that’s what you should also do, have fun.”

I know, he’s right. I should apply this not only for this trip, but my life in general.

And just when I was about to finally put this whole incident to rest (not behind me, that’s for sure), speaking of the devil, sure enough walks in (no, not Dina), Pirate.

‘No, not him again.’

et cetera