The New M.E. Generation

I never got a reply to what I last said, considering this guy have always had some sort of response to anything I’ve said. Which is surprising.

If you analyze what I wrote, at no time did I express placing a blame on him or that I didn’t want to have any more contact with him.

I conveyed that I needed to step away from this situation and time for me to let me go of him for good.

Maybe that’s what happened; he realized that I no longer am the person he knew me for and decided to respect my wishes. If he wants to remain in good terms, he would do just that because that’s the right way to go.

Or, because now I’m no longer a ‘person of interest’, he can in turn dedicate fully to the ultra-bleached blonde.

I mean, of course he will. There’s no obstacles regarding driving or distance with her. It’s “facilito”. That’s what humans usually do; they apply “la ley de menos esfuerzo” or go for what’s easy, a.k.a., the path of least resistance.

Still, like I said before, I’m fine with it. So much so that I sent him another thing related to school for old times sake. He again was a no-show regarding a reply.

Me: “Did you get what I sent you?”

Him: “Yes I did. Thank you.”

Me: “Talking about being on delay as you once told me. Later.”

Him: “Yes. I agree.”

Another few days went by and the 4th of July weekend was coming up shortly.

Me: “How’s your cardio patient doing.”

Him: “Somewhat better. Still long work days.”

Me: “So what’s your plans for the holiday? Bahamas again? Your patient?” (Recap: he had mentioned in the past that he’s a personal doctor to people both here and there who are well-off. That’s why he shows up unexpectedly in my area, sometimes on their personal jet that they made available for him to fly out on a moment’s notice. It’s because of the relationships with some of them that he gets invited to travel to places like the one mentioned above.)

Him: “Seems like it.”

A few more days went by and I didn’t hear from him, thus assuming he went somewhere for sure.

And as I was trying to enjoy the time off myself, of course the radio would play one of those songs that always remind me of him.

Me: “Radio station playing ‘Born To Be Alive’ yet again. Swear this retro station does it every single day. Guess there’s no way I will ever get you off my mind any time soon.” (Grimacing face emoji)

The weekend came and went, and no signs of him. None. Zip. Nada.

Wow. Thought to myself that he must have had some serious fun. Or he took my words to heart (literally).

Does this mean this is the end-end of it all? Sounds to me like a sad break-up song. Could be…







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