The New M.E. Generation

All right, I have to talk about this topic.

It seems that now this is what’s on vogue for women. It has become socially acceptable for older women to get involved with younger men (or whatever your preference might be). And if it happens that you get involved in such a relationship, kudos for you!

Why did I decide to approach this topic? Because I’ve been a cougar, more times than I can believe myself occurred.

Yes (believe it or not), my list includes the Swedish massage guy, firefighter, doctor and Bostonian.

Yep, two of these men were at least 15 years younger than me, and the other two had about 8 years less.

But, there’s one, the real first guy I met after my ‘past life’ began, the youngest of them all, which made me one without knowing it.

I hadn’t spoken about it before because it wasn’t until now that this ‘cougar’ phenomenon has hit me.

Because it is now that I’ve embraced it and am ready to open up about it.

Because I believe that if I embrace it, I might find a total new light of myself that I hadn’t recognized before.

et cetera