The New M.E. Generation

After that phone call that almost ended in disastrous manner, I wasn’t thinking much about Jeffrey. The incident came at a really bad time for me.

Because of what I was going through, my mind and emotions were not coordinated as they should have.

I was very self-conscious of all I was saying and doing. But, really, who cared? I was completely alone and the result of what had happened was due to my newfound inexperience of dating.

On the other hand, what if this cougar actually had a positive effect on this guy? (What?) Yes, let’s think this over.

I did touch a nerve on him, which could eventually make him make a decision on his situation. There’s two options for him: one, leave things as they were (or do nothing about it); two, decided to end the relationship and restart his life again.

Hmm, wonder if I’ll get an answer for that. And that will only occur if he comes again into the picture.

What? You think I should be looking for him? Honestly, right now, this is the least of my concerns.

Dina and I are on our way to take the stairs to exit the dinning hall when I encounter guy #3 of the day.

David, who was born and raised in Latin America and now living in the Northeast US, was promoting his product, the drink ‘AfterShot.’

AfterShot was scientifically formulated, plus is caffeine and preservative free. The whole deal is that you’re supposed to drink it before you start drinking ‘the heavy stuff’ or partying the night away, to avoid the infamous ‘hangover.’

Hmm, interesting concept. This is what I should have drunk the minute I stepped a foot here. Stupid toast could have ended on a different note.

Since I have a communications background, I was very interested in getting ‘the full monty’ on this business venture that he had accomplished. The story was quite interesting, so I engaged in a very lengthy conversation with ‘this guy.’

Dina was staring at me like my talk was purely to ‘hook’ him, but honestly I was not. After last night, just sharing ‘small talk,’ and possibly establishing friendships, is good enough for me for today.

She stared at the bottle like, ‘this will serve me very well during this trip’ and took one for both of us.

She also wanted to get going and gave me a look of ‘can we just get the heck out of here?’

I concluded my conversation with David and expressed that I hoped that we could all meet up again during our stay.

Dina and I stopped briefly in our room before venturing into the water sports. She opened the AfterShot bottle and started drinking it.

“This stuff good,” said Dina. “Try it, you need it!”

Damn! She was up late last night, partying until who knows what time, and she looked as fresh as a daisy. How does she do it?

Me, I felt my hair rising and my body rejecting anything that wasn’t water or coffee. On the other hand, I needed something that would guarantee me that I would survive the rest of my existence at this place.

I mean, what else could go ‘wrong’ for me? (Let’s not go there, shall we?)

Dina and I shared the rest of the drink (she was right; it is good!) and off we went for our much anticipated water adventure.

First stop of the day: rock the boats.

I felt it took me forever to get back to the room. It was as if had traveled to the infinite of the universe and back.

I opened the door and headed straight to the toilet. I don’t know where the purse or key landed after I threw them ‘into space.’

I’m throwing up pretty bad and the headache is pounding nastily in my head. I threw up until I felt all I had inside my stomach was thrown out, and started feeling better soon after.

I’m still kneeling in front of the toilet with my forehead resting on my hand, making sure I don’t have another episode before I get up, when I get mad again at the toast.

“Oh, man, that stupid sangria!” I’m still debating if I’m just plain drunk or having a really bad hangover. I simply can’t decipher that in my condition. 

Even more, I can’t recall if I have actually experienced either one in my life. And if I did, did I know what they were even by their names?

By no means was this a pleasurable experience, and have no interest in going through this again. But on the other hand, isn’t it part of life to live this at least once?

It’s like, what have I done with my existence in these past 15 years (besides being married) that has made me so naive?

Where have I been? Living in another planet (marriage) that when the gravity (divorce) forced me back into the ‘real world,’ I came face to face with one that was totally unknown to me.

All I remember next was that somehow I got up, washed my face, and went straight to bed. ‘This bed so nice…’ zzzzz

et cetera