The New M.E. Generation

Although my high school friend was a disciplined student and had good grades, his pranks eventually caught up to him. His parents were called by the school administration way too many times hoping to resolve this issue, but to no avail. His mom literally told the principal, ‘do what you need to do’.

Even some of his classmates turned against him, even when they were not affected by any of his actions. The rumors started running high, even that he had committed plagiarism in his Senior year term paper.

The Engligh teacher met with him and asked him to talk about the work in general. After my friend gave an extended speech about the topic, references and else, the teacher handed back the draft and said to him, “you’re good to go”.

Academically he was doing all that he needed to do to ensure entrance to college. But because his conduct was so bad and the rumors so out of hand, and the school couldn’t take action against him for his grades, they did it where it hurt the most: he was told he couldn’t be part of the graduation ceremony.

I got really sad and shocked when he personally told me. I knew things were bad, but never thought that of the few people I was friends with this could happen to him.

This would be the first of many moments I witnessed the betrayal of people to those I cared about or myself. It didn’t necessarily create a sense of distrust towards others, but more in that they can turn against you at any time without any valid reason.

“Don’t ever give your life away to any religion, political movement, or even less a man,” preached he to me during that time. He also manifested his dislike for a particular type of people, an issue that didn’t surface again accidentally in the present time.

I never understood where this one came from and I never allowed myself to be influenced by it. I believe I have always been good to others, and many have taken advantage of it by mistreating me.

I used to give people many chances, especially guys, but with this guy’s betrayal, I have become stronger in my personality and discard quickly anything that’s toxic or represents a threat to my wellbeing, just like he has.

So the question is, how is it possible for a person, who gave you the right guidance to survive the world, change to the total opposite of what he taught you?

How is it possible that after all the negative I’ve gone through, was able to make it through it all and still have hope for the future?

How do you explain an over 30-year friendship going bad and looking at a person become totally unrecognizable to you?

Why am I still standing in the light and he is in the lowest, darkest period of his life?

Someone saved my life tonight”. Yes, universe, I know it’s you.

I kept on with my day and sometime late in the afternoon, like around 5pm, I text Jesse back.

‘Hey sorry, still not all done. You must be gone by now. (translation: hopefully you’re far away)

‘Leaving tomorrow.’ (oh, my) Next translation: I still need to be unavailable.

Reality was, I had spent part of the day with a girlfriend and was having a good time. It was a Sunday and was trying to make the best of the weekend before it was all over.

But I also like to get home at a descent time and get ready for work the next day. And when I get on that mode, I’m not really into having people around or even getting late to bed.

It was funny though that after a few more messages, Jesse asked, ‘Are you with a guy?’

Damn, I wish. Yes, I was with someone else, but of another kind. It was like he sensed I was not entirely alone.

I don’t know where Jesse was or what he was doing, but after some more questions from his behalf, I simply replied, ‘It’s complicated.’

I didn’t answer his question either or. It all meant I’m still a control freak, someone who has a schedule, for better or worse, to hopefully have her life organized.

Is there some space for someone new? At this present time, yes, I believe I do, especially one that’s not as complicated as this one.

et cetera