The New M.E. Generation

The thought that I kissed Johann in the cab stuck on my head like a bad headache.

It literally did; I tried so hard to bring back the memory, my head starting hurting.

I’m still on denial don’t know why, because it was totally harmless. Even if it hadn’t happened, it wouldn’t have affected the friendship that evolved between us.

Maybe I reacted on impulse. Or, I probably realized that I wouldn’t get to have any contact with him again, so I went for it. Reality was nobody around me was going to know, so the ‘secret’ would be safe.

The other item that I’ve been asking myself is: have I met him in a later time of my life, would have I done the same?

I don’t see why not, but more cautious of not getting too emotionally involved, knowing nothing else was to happen beyond it.

How about if Johann and I have met each other and there was the possibility of being together?

That would have meant leaving the US to a place far away, to an existence completely new to me. I think he would have been a great husband and my life would have been fine.

So, would have I done it? Would have I hopped on the ship and sailed into a new world?

Let the adventure begin.

et cetera