The New M.E. Generation

‘I can’t miss this guy again,’ said I to myself while hoping that the vehicles in front would move far enough for me to get next to his car. (‘Keep going, keep going… Yes! Made it!’) I’ve never been this happy at a red light.

I lowered my window and notice he’s not looking at his mobile (yay!). I wave my hand and say ‘hi’ to him. He stares back at me.

The light changes and his lane moves faster than mine. I notice that he lowers the passenger’s window.

I was so excited like in those scenes in a rom-com movie that you thought would never happen in real life. Only ingredient missing was having my BFF’s with me and shouting our lungs out like high school teenagers.

I hit another red light and was able to position my vehicle again close to him. The guy is smiling and gives me a very nice ‘hi’ back.

Me: “I’ve seen your car like 2 times before.”

He: “I’ve seen yours too” (not the best pick-up line, but who cares?).

Me: “Are you with the band?” (I asked because it’s a known fact that there’s many celebrities in the city I live at).

He: “No, I’m just an old Rock guy. You?”

Me: “I’m not a rocker, but who doesn’t know ‘Stairway to Heaven?” (I make a ‘rock on’ facial expression and hand gesture that goes with it).

He: “This is a very unusual way to meet someone.”

Me: “Yes it is… Are you single?” (please, please, please, let it be ‘yes’).

He: “Yes” (yes!!!).

We look at each other like, is this the part where we exchange our numbers or what?

Because my phone was locked and the light changed to green, I shouted mine through the window for the whole highway to hear. He told me his name, I gave him mine. He called and hanged up so I could save his mobile (which I did under ‘Mr. LedZep1’). And there he went.

I was really proud of myself for being ballsy for what I had just done. During the last leg of my commute, I started remembering other similar moments throughout my life that I took an innocent risk like the one today and paid off.

It made me feel good about myself, but sort of sad as well. Good because this was long overdue of doing something unexpected. Sad because I wondered how much this side of me has been lost.

Maybe I’ve got my mojo back and this was an example that proves it. Perhaps it has been dormant because no other guy (or situation) has recently inspired me to bring it out. Until now.

Whatever it is, I really love when I have a ‘something funny happened on the way to’ moment. It makes everything look so much different.

Question is, should I tell my BBF’s or keep it quiet? How about, lets see what happens first and then decide?


I don’t remember what I said to my mom regarding the ship’s visit, but she agreed to take me on Saturday afternoon after completing our house chores.

That was the routine every weekend, cleaning the house, and I was anxious to get it done. I think I even had time to take a quick nap afterwards.

What I do remember is that I dressed up nicely with long white pants, a striped shirt and blue shoes. I don’t know what I was thinking because I could have worn something more casual.

But growing up wearing a school uniform all your years of schooling made you wanting to wear nice clothes whenever you had the opportunity.

My mom and I got to the location and my heart rushed as soon as I saw the ship. It was all white and traditionally designed like those you would see in the movies. But seeing it in real life was an experience I’ve never had before.

I stood with my mom before the ramp connecting the dock and ship. There were two guys on each side of it, who greeted us before walking up. They were surely happy to see me (guess you guys don’t get to see too many chicks?).

When I finally stepped on the ship and took a good look at it, I felt transported to another place and perhaps time. For a few seconds, I simply forgot where I was.

I don’t remember how things happened next, but I asked one of the guys where Johann was. He turned around and called to him out loud, with a tone of ‘somebody’s here looking for you, you lucky guy’.

I was so embarrassed as I was still trying to keep this situation unknown to my mom. But before I could react any further, almost coming out of thin air, Johann appeared.

He stood in front of me, I turned around to look for my mom and, to my surprise, she walked away, laughing.

I got what I wanted, getting to the ship, finding Johann and my mom allowing me to talk to him.

Now, what do I do?

I looked at him again and all I could do was say ‘hi’ and smile.

“Hey, you made it! I’m so glad you did!” said he. He probably thought he would never see me again.

Looking back I now realize what an accomplishment that was. I made a decision on doing something and went for it, but thinking it would probably fail somewhere in the attempt.

I took a risk and something greater than me made it all happen. Call it courage, the universe, or perhaps divine intervention.

What’s important is that I was there.

“Yes, I surely did. I made it.”

{January 13, 2012}   Emotions Re-Act 5 – Time to act

I don’t remember when he finally arrived, but I believe I was standing on a doorframe that was to be used as ‘the entrance’ to the bar.

I believe, when I first saw him that my so-called ‘relaxed mode’ quickly disappeared.

‘Damn, he’s cute! He looks so much better in real life than on TV.’

I think I held tight to the frame to contain my nervousness. I have forgotten how and when we were introduced.

The order of events during the shooting is unclear as well. After all was in place, I went into make-up and dressing up.

The first shot of me was at the door with a lot of smoke and a lamp shinning straight at my back.

I do remember not being able to breath and sweat going down my spine. What is this scene supposed to mean, that ‘I’m smoking hot?’

The next one was of my legs walking forward. I don’t know how many times I walked, but the floor had been cleaned and waxed, and I was wearing new shoes. I was in a panic that I would fall down and this guy would see me.

That would have been the end of my life as a whole.

But, where was he in all this? I believe ‘m.i.a.’ I’m not even sure if we had any exchange of words during that first part of the shooting.

But having all that attention on me was great. How many times have I gotten that in life?

A couple of days after, Ivan called me around 2pm and said that he had a ‘window’ of time between 4 and 6pm, and then again sometime after 8 or 9 in the evening.

The first break was because he would drive home his employer home so she could change clothes for an evening event. While he waited for her, we could have a drink.

After getting the call to pick her up and drive her to the event, I would wait for him at the bar for his return (if I agreed to do that), and then spend some time with him while the activity concluded.

Sounds confusing? I was. I’ve never has this type of date before. But, hey, isn’t this what I signed up for, a new and different dating experience?

‘Why not?’ I thought to myself. What could I loose? I’ll give him credit that he did keep his word of calling back and making some time to meet with me with such a hectic schedule.

I hung up with him and started to get ready right away. I didn’t have much time and, on top of that, I was going to hit rush hour, which meant a longer delay for me.

Ivan and I agreed to meet next to a store and then drive together to a bar. But, even though I left my home rather quickly, traffic got really bad. He called me about two times to know where I was.

Damn it! Why can’t thing just run smoothly? Is life putting my patience to the test again?

Finally! I arrive to where he told me to be. Just when I parked, he calls again.

“I’m here, where you at?” asked I.

“I think you are right behind me,” said he. (Whoa! How did that happen?) He stepped out of the car first. (Hey, he’s cuter that in the photos!) “You look cute.” (Same here!)

I was really nervous and didn’t know how to react. “Thank you!.. So, where are going? How much time do we have?”

“We got some. Follow me.”

I think I did well for a ‘real life’ first impression. I hope I can keep it up the rest of the night.

et cetera