The New M.E. Generation

I have a storage unit that contains all the personal belongings I have gathered throughout my life.

I needed to do some cleanup as well as finding something I was looking for. I had no idea in what box it was to be found, if that, so I opened one by one and searched their contents.

One of those boxes was filled mostly with photos and letters. I kept pulling things out when I abruptly stopped. In the bottom of it were Johann’s letters, all of them, totally intact after all this time. I held them like I had found a long lost treasure.

I took a cushion, placed it on the floor, and read them. There they were; the one with the pendant still taped to the card and the one he was telling me he was getting married. Memories came back to me quickly and I smiled at every one.

I was all by myself on the top floor of a storage unit remembering my past. I kept searching in all other boxes and came across a lot more than I thought I would.

My entire life was preserved in all those photos, notebooks, letters, journals, and whatever else I had.

But Johann’s letters were particular emotional. It has been more than a decade since I last knew of him, but I never quite forgot about him. Touching the stationery was like reconnecting with him during those times we were friends.

Some tears also came down my face because he made me so happy and he brought out in me so many wonderful things that no one else has.

I got sad because he was gone, and so that girl he once knew, and I needed so much for both to be back in my life.

I pondered upon finding him, but asked myself, would he remember me? Would he be interested in being friends again?

Universe, I have a request to ask you: please let it come back to me.

While the two guys and I talked about the past days of high school, the guy sitting next to Dina is really working her into his conversation. How committed was he? He had his hand on her thigh.

Say what?? When did that happen? Guess remembering the past got me disconnected. When I come to think about it, yes, it did. It actually made me feel young to be remembered for who I was way back then. Back then when I was just myself, Emma.

Even more, who would have thought that this chance re-encounter made me forget my present reality? To top it all of even more, the guy is still sitting, by himself, at the bar, still staring at me.

I shared a drink with my former alumni when we all noticed that the bar was about to close for the night. I turned to Dina and asked her if she was ready to leave (with him or myself was fine by me). The ‘hand in the thigh guy’ was not letting her go, so I asked Dina what she wanted to do. She chose option #2; he was to accompany her home.

I then asked the guys to give me their business card or something with the hope of keeping in touch in the future.

As soon as I said good-bye to the two guys, the ‘guy at the bar’ jumped from his seat and asked me if he could have my phone number.

Aaah…I was so completely caught off guard that the only thing I could respond was, “could I have yours and I’ll call you?”

He wrote it on the back of the business card, quickly introduced ourselves, and off we went (Dina and me, ‘hand in the thigh guy’ included).

We all walked to my car and I noticed that these two were holding hands. ‘Nice,’ I thought. Wonder what will happen to Dina and me. Well, in my case, that all depends if I make the call.

et cetera