The New M.E. Generation

{September 11, 2017}   Looking Back 62 – A different view

The next day (Sunday), I crossed my fingers that the meeting would finally occur. This guy told me he would find out early what the plans would be. Having none meant there could be a chance of taking advantage of the SUV and see me.

Him: “I think this might turn into a beach day. But if I visit you would only be for a few hours. I should be there around 1pm.”

Fast-forward a few hours later. I get the call from security that he was here, while getting his text at the same time that read: ‘the guy is giving us a hard time. LOL.’ I thought to myself, ‘for what?’

I stood at my second floor balcony to see what the fuzz was all about.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!! He came in the limo!!! WTF?

I exited my apartment and stood in the hallway veranda in shock at the whole thing. It almost felt like the last scene in the Pretty Woman movie (romantic background music please).

Me: “Hey, what happened to the SUV??” (and, am I getting a ride in it?).

Except I don’t live on the last floor. And this guy showed up with no gifts to account for (music off). And he’s wearing his usual beach casual attire of a t-shirt, bermudas, and open shoes (why am I surprised?). And he’s sporting a mega belly (what happened to the spectacular body??).

He’s fat, partially bald, and definitely looks old, considering he’s only like 2 years older than me. Talking about seeing things in another light.

I greeted him warmly with a hug as he came up the stairs. I gave him a tour of my apartment again, showed him my yearbook, Cuba trip souvenirs, TBT photos (including one from college that a guy studying photography took of me; he liked it so much, he took an image with his phone).

Went to lunch afterwards (in my new vehicle). Curious note to add: when we stepped off the vehicle and walked to the restaurant, he got behind me and placed his hands on my waist. It was an affectionate gesture I don’t recall he ever doing before.

While there he shared some thoughts about medicine, like when he started working and taking the approach of treating symptoms first, then dealing with the person.

Him: “I hate listening to people whining about their pains” (I gave him a look of ‘that doesn’t make sense’). “I know; I do it on reverse.”

Regarding how he became a personal doctor, he was referred to a musician or something. Off he went with his medical bag and after dealing with the patient, the person asked him if he had a business card. He did, started circulating them with every referral he got, and eventually became the physician for other known artists, so much that he’s now referred to as ‘the rock doc’. But not everything is music to one’s ears.

Him: “The downsize of it is that, at times, like with my cardio patient, you have to be with them when they travel and I can’t say no. This weekend my daughter came home from college and I was supposed to be with her. Through my connections, I had managed to get really good seats for a concert of a famous country singer, plus access backstage, etc. I worked on this for weeks.

But turns out that the guy recently had open-heart surgery and wanted me to accompany him in case of anything. He knew about the concert and else, and still didn’t let me get off the hook. So my daughter had to go without me and I didn’t get to see her.

It’s great to travel everywhere (been as far as Australia), staying at the best hotels, making good money. But it takes a toll on you.”

I looked at him and saw a person that was tired and appeared way older than his years. I barely found traces of that guy I used to know, other than his blue-green eyes that still mesmerize me.

Even more, he looked defeated. I then understood why he says my quiet times and peacefulness at home are good things.

It was quite a change from the first time I saw him after so long, when he showed up in a fancy car and gave me an overconfident attitude that was borderline arrogant. Which is what later caused those heavy arguments between us and non-communication for at least 2 years.

Him: “I wouldn’t mind retiring early and living in a boat. I used to look at successful people who’ve done that and thought they were nuts. But now I totally get it. My plan is to keep working until my kids finish college and become independent.”

Wow, so true that the grass is never greener on the other side. No surprise he’ll end up in a place that has to do with the beach in this life, afterlife, and the next one.

Beach, please!


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