The New M.E. Generation

Jeff did kept ‘popping up,’ on and off.

Sometimes he would call me or I did. But if I were lucky to get a hold of him, the conversations would be very quick.

He was always in a rush, or talking when ‘that other person’ wasn’t around, meaning he was away from ‘his significant other.’

I wasn’t particularly upset about it, but was questioning what was I providing to him with these communications.

It almost felt as if he knew that what he was doing was wrong. That I was the only one that provided an escape, a quick fix from his reality, someone who let him be who he really was for a few minutes of his life.

Maybe I was just all he had to whatever he was running away from.

And running away he also did…to my place. Sometimes he would just show up unannounced sometime in the night.

I didn’t mind that he did. But after some initial conversation, I could see a sadness and uncertainty on his eyes that just broke my heart. It even made me feel not so bad about my own situation.

Why does he come here? What am I doing for him?

I mean, we have a lot to deal with and can’t really take care of ourselves the way we deserve, or even each other. Or are we?

In a certain manner, we were reflecting ourselves in each other. We were both stuck in a situation we didn’t asked for or expected to be.

There wasn’t any remote chance of us ever being together in any level, but, in a way, we were.

We both were unhappy with our lives and being ‘together’ gave each other the reaffirmation that we needed to get away from it all and start new. But not with one another.

Sometimes seeing yourself in the mirror is not always a pretty sight.


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