The New M.E. Generation

The boat day progressed without a hitch. We left at a reasonable time since Bob still had to wash the boat at his home, to then take it back to the trailer park.

On the way to his home I get a phone call from my mom asking me how my day was. I didn’t tell her I was out with a guy because I didn’t want to get into explanations about it just yet. Even more, I was sitting next to him in his truck, making it impossible to keep this conversation private.

Instead, I told her that my Saturday was the usual as always. All of a sudden, Bob makes a comment about me which I won’t repeat here because it was way, way, way out of line for its content, and even more inappropriate considering my mom could have heard it.

I will just say that I was very unhappy when hanging up the phone. I controlled myself of telling him anything because I was stuck on his vehicle.

When I sort of questioned him about it, he replied something to the extent that, ‘he is what he is and will always speak his mind’. Yep, just like the colors of the ocean, I finally saw one of his dark ones. He’s been using a filter until now and I wondered if this is was a preview of his other shades that are yet to surface.

I felt like asking him, “how would you feel if your daughter’s husband made that comment to you about her?” That would have definitely stopped him in his tracks and get me in big trouble.

Still, I kept my anger under control and decided not to make a scene of it. Maybe this is a one-time thing with him, maybe not. But it was definitely early to say.

We reached his home and he set out to wash the boat. He then asked me to empty the cooler and place any leftover food or drinks in the fridge.

Standing at the kitchen sink, I finally had the chance to look around the place with more detail. What struck me was that there were different pieces of furniture or decorations that didn’t really go well together. It made me confused as to what design style he was trying to present.

The other thing that got my attention was the repetition of the color brown in the dinning table and chairs, the big sofas in the living room, the bedroom and bathroom.

It was specifically a dark wood that made the spaces look heavy and that, dark. Even the bathroom fixtures had a dark cooper color. Even more, the room was itself dark as there was barely any light coming in.

I don’t know if Bob is trying to pull his own ‘man cave’ in his sleeping quarters, but I guess this is the closest as it gets.

Some time later Bob came back. He completed everything that he usually does after spending a day on the boat. We then sat down at the kitchen to have a drink.

He said that his house was the model home when the complex was under development, and that some of the decorations were part of those used when showing the property to potential buyers.

‘Oh, no wonder’, I thought to myself. I honestly would have put them right next to the garbage bins for anyone to take them before moving in. Whatever was left should have been donated to charity.

Regarding the darkness, Bob explained that because people had broken in into his home, he closes the shutters in his room and the doors leading to the backyard for security. He opens them when he gets home.

I would do the same had it been my house, but I felt trapped, so much that I told him he needed to open the shutters and doors for the yard, as I was getting anxious. I quickly went outside and breathed a sigh of relief.

I may be exaggerating, but I prefer the big windows in my apartment that provide a lot of light and sense of tranquility, which is contrary to him. In other words, my home = light, sunshine; him = dark, cave.

I don’t know how it happened, but he started telling me with a sort of sad face that he had been the one that had distanced himself from his wife, making me understand that the end of the marriage fell solely on him.

Because of that, he felt that the right thing to do was leave her the home they shared and take care of some things to make her life, and that of his children, as comfortable as possible.

I could have asked him to expand on the causes of the distancing, but it felt that his divorce had been so long ago, it made no sense getting any more information.

By this time I had forgotten the phone call comment and decided it was time for me to go home. We again said the usual that we would talk again one of these days.

You may ask, what do I think will happen next? To be completely honest, I’m as much in the dark as with any other guy I’ve met.

Boating again perhaps? Not sure. I think I would rather stay on solid ground for the time being.


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