The New M.E. Generation

A couple of days after, Ivan called me around 2pm and said that he had a ‘window’ of time between 4 and 6pm, and then again sometime after 8 or 9 in the evening.

The first break was because he would drive home his employer home so she could change clothes for an evening event. While he waited for her, we could have a drink.

After getting the call to pick her up and drive her to the event, I would wait for him at the bar for his return (if I agreed to do that), and then spend some time with him while the activity concluded.

Sounds confusing? I was. I’ve never has this type of date before. But, hey, isn’t this what I signed up for, a new and different dating experience?

‘Why not?’ I thought to myself. What could I loose? I’ll give him credit that he did keep his word of calling back and making some time to meet with me with such a hectic schedule.

I hung up with him and started to get ready right away. I didn’t have much time and, on top of that, I was going to hit rush hour, which meant a longer delay for me.

Ivan and I agreed to meet next to a store and then drive together to a bar. But, even though I left my home rather quickly, traffic got really bad. He called me about two times to know where I was.

Damn it! Why can’t thing just run smoothly? Is life putting my patience to the test again?

Finally! I arrive to where he told me to be. Just when I parked, he calls again.

“I’m here, where you at?” asked I.

“I think you are right behind me,” said he. (Whoa! How did that happen?) He stepped out of the car first. (Hey, he’s cuter that in the photos!) “You look cute.” (Same here!)

I was really nervous and didn’t know how to react. “Thank you!.. So, where are going? How much time do we have?”

“We got some. Follow me.”

I think I did well for a ‘real life’ first impression. I hope I can keep it up the rest of the night.

Here’s what happened. What I meant by ‘hooking up’ is that I let Ricky into my life right from the start. Meaning he started hanging out in my apartment all the time because I allowed that to happen.

Don’t get me wrong. It was great, at the beginning, when everything feels good, before you start discovering the things that make you different from the other person. Or putted in better words, before the things that irritate you start coming out.

On top of that, I made the biggest mistake of them all: I developed feelings for him before I got to know him as a person, to at least figure out if it was worth keeping him as a friend, or figure out if he was good enough material to possibly go beyond that.

In other words, I should have not gotten emotionally involved with Ricky in any way.

I spent so much time with him that I even helped him move out into a new place and offered to ‘take care’ of an artwork he was going to put away temporarily. (Between you and me, I think it looks better in my place.)

But although Ricky and I were ‘together’ he didn’t see it that we were actually ‘together.’ How so? Not even once did he invite me to meet his family or visit his home. He referred me to his mom as just ‘a friend.’

Sounds confusing? It was, sort of. But that’s what happens when your emotions take over your head and don’t allow you to see clearly.

And the reality was right there, loud and clear, which was that it was over before it even started, if that.

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