The New M.E. Generation

Dina and I finished our ‘quick stop’ or ‘brb’ and are walking towards the door to leave when these two guys crossed my path.

“Aren’t you Emma?” said one of then. I responded with a puzzled ‘yes.’ “Don’t know you if you remember us, but we attended high school together.”

OMG! What a surprise this was. I couldn’t believe that after so many years after graduating, these two still remembered me.

“How did you guys recognize me?” asked I.

“You still look the same,” said one of them.

Well! That was the best complement I’ve had in a very long time. If after all I’ve gone through these two still think I look great (ah, I guess that ‘s what they meant), damn, I must be doing something right. Man, my ego went sky high.

I was still standing in the hallway in total awe when them guys asked if I could have a drink with them before I left.

Dina took a seat at the bar and everyone else stood. Lucky me (and her), a guy sitting next to Dina started talking to her. Even better, he looked cute and someone that maybe Dina could be interested in getting to know.

I was even luckier that from where I was standing, I had a direct view of the first guy who had been staring at me the entire night. He was still alone and now that I was talking to these two guys, he wasn’t moving from his chair.

I noticed that his look was one that, yes, he was interested in approaching me, but was waiting for the right moment to make it happen.

This is great! He’s probably thinking that I am in demand.

Whoa! Is everybody going to be lucky tonight?

It was a Friday night and Dina called me to go out.

This was usually ‘the date’ that we had on weekends. It would be a very simple ‘girls night out’ of meeting around 7pm to go to a bar/restaurant to have a drink (only one) and probably share an appetizer. The night for us would end around 10-11pm.

It will probably sound boring to you, but this is how we are. We are not the type of women who dressed up and went anywhere with the intention of picking up guys.

Our interest has always been to have a nice conversation and catch up on our lives, basically talking about our usual or current ‘state of affairs’ which was very simple.

We are both single, with a career, have no kids, young, close to our families, and a positive outlook on life. But we are missing something that we long for: to have a serious relationship with another man.

We always discussed this every time we met. We had so much positive things going for us, but there was an unfortunate, sad reality going against us.

People our age in the mid to late 30’s and early 40’s are already married or taken. The guys that become available do so later in life when they are divorced and probably have 50+ years of age.

So Dina and I were stuck in a no-win situation. We felt that there was no way to change it and that our futures, as it related to love, looked very grim.

And sitting in a bar every so often was not to help either.

We looked around and what we saw was really depressing, except this particular guy that pretty much has been staring at me the whole time I’ve been sitting here.

What’s the deal with him?

et cetera