The New M.E. Generation

I did get a reply from Brian. And to my surprise, it was very quick, like on the same day I sent it.

No less surprising was what he said. Sure enough, just as I predicted it, his reply was very brief. Something like in the ’10 words category,’ which read like this:

“Yeah, he told me. Hope all is well with you too.” (11 words to be exact. I almost got a perfect score.) Like I said to myself before, no need to get upset here.

At least I got answers to some of my questions. Yes, Stephan did tell him about the encounter, and, yes, Brian has no interest in seeing me again.

But I don’t know if Stephan made the call or else. It’s like a mystery novel that left you confused after reading it, or an ending of that of a cliffhanger that lets you make your own conclusions after it ended.

So why don’t I make my own? All right, here it goes.

We know that Stephan did tell Brian about the meeting, but Brian showed no interest or made any attempt to contact me.

Stephan did not call Dina, probably because (like previously stated), he realized he was better off not pursuing it.

The ending may not have been what I hoped for (Stephan and Dina going out), but at least it was a fun night.

And for a moment, I thought Dina’s love life was about to change.

Hey, isn’t that what I’m shooting for?

Yes, but sometimes you’ve got to give it to others in order to receive.

Maybe then a new chapter can be written.

That’s it, end of this story.

I can’t believe what I’m doing. I know that was Erik. How sure am I? Sure enough to go after him, while continuing to laugh at myself for doing what I’m doing.

I get out of the Produce section and heat towards the aisle where I believed Erik had turned, but when I got to it he wasn’t there.

He had walked by so quickly I figured he should probably be at the cash register by now. So I made a sharp turn and started crossing all the cash register lines one by one when, sure enough, there he was, already making the payment and very close to leaving.

I then stood right where the line begins, still sporting that big grin in my face (and laughing inside).

I stood there until he took notice someone was staring at him. I stood there until he turned his face, looked at me, realized who it was, and when he did, I quickly took off.

It was then that I allowed my laughter to be released and for it to continue to happen until I made a turn to another aisle and disappeared.

Yes, this time, it was my turn for this to occur.

Now, going back to what I asked myself before (‘is this the last time that I get to cross Erik?’), I would like to respond with a very affirmative ‘yes’ that it will definitely be that.

But after this incident, how can I be certain?

One thing’s for sure. I’m so over this experience and it took me all this current encounters to finally give closure to this story.

Who knows, maybe I’ll bump with Erik again. And if I do, I’ll look at him as just a guy that belongs in some memory of mine, a memory to just remember and laugh about.

Like the saying in Spanish goes, “el ultimo que ríe, ríe mejor” (he who laughs last, laughs best).

Tonight I’m going to another one of those networking events I’ve been attending for the last few months.

Although I haven’t made a business contact for a possible job opportunity, I still go because one should never loose hope and because, you just never know whom you’re going to meet (please refer to ‘You Can Be My Hero’ for a related story). I have been meeting people but they have become friends more than anything else.

I arrived to yet another bar/restaurant (why are these events always held at these locations?). Dina couldn’t join me in this occasion, so as soon as I got to the place, I glanced around to see if there was anyone I knew from before. The place was pretty packed and moving around people meant squeezing between them, just as equally as I have done before.

Darn it! There’s nobody here I know. This sucks! No Dina or friends.

But, wait. Why am I getting the feeling that there’s someone here that knows me and…has just turned its back on me (like it did before) so I don’t notice that he or she is here?

I felt my body becoming a metal detector sensing my surroundings, slowly but surely, when, sure enough, my internal alarm went off.

Well, well, well. Look who’s here but no other than Ross, a.k.a., ‘The Bostonian,’ supporting actor for this third blog story, and the guy who disappeared without a trace after our first, and only, date.

The guy who said would call me back the next day, never to be heard of again, who left me totally confused about myself, and with a lot of questions about this incident that went unanswered for a long time.

Oh, boy, you’re so busted! You’re not getting away from me this time, because there is some pending business I want to take care of for once and for all.


I had been delaying getting my act together in some very important personal matters, like that of health insurance. Dealing with so many things one right after the other, in such a short period of time, have left me brain drained and with not much of a mind to take care of this.

I have been telling myself over and over that I needed to resolve this, but I was also playing mind games with ‘m.e.’

The truth was that I knew that when the time came to fill out the application, I would have to disclose my fertility treatments, which had already cost me being denied for coverage in the past.

It didn’t matter if I haven’t done any in over eight years, or that I was clinically ‘old’ to even attempt one, having been diagnosed as ‘infertile’ is a sure coverage ‘repellent.’

As much as I’ve tried to put this past behind me for good, this chapter in my life has always managed to come back to haunt me one time or another.

And when it does, all the bad memories and emotions blast through my mind in a glimpse of a second. This ‘label’ that the medical profession has given me is the worst feeling in the world, even more of that of being ‘divorced.’

A friend referred me to an insurance agent, made an appointment with her, and she came to my apartment to present me with options. She arrived quite prepared with an assortment of insurers to consider.

I also prepared myself by putting my past emotions aside and stating clearly to the agent that I wanted to do business with her. In other words, doing whatever she needed to do to get me covered.

Our meeting was going well when, sure enough, she asked me that particular question that I was dreading to hear:

“Have you ever undergone any type of medical treatment?”

‘Damn it! Here we go again…’

Pirate is with a group of people, including two gorgeous chicks and they all sat at a table on the opposite side of where I am.

I’m hoping that he doesn’t see me. After yesterday, this is one guy I surely have no interest getting ‘up close and personal’ no more. Lucky for me, he doesn’t notice me. He’s way distracted with those two.

Just when ‘Monty’ and I had pretty much wrapped up our breakfast and conversation, a new guy comes into the picture.

‘That other guy,’ Jay, who has known Hiio for the longest time, is also from Canada (a.k.a. Canadian #2), but lives in Ontario.

He’s also an EXGO and very much involved in water skiing. He didn’t waste any time in asking me if I had done it before and was interested in giving it a try.

Just when I was about to give him an answer, sure enough, yet again, Dina reappeared.

‘Well, look what the tide brought back’ thought to myself. ‘Showing up again when I happened to be with a guy.’

“Are you done? Today I want to try all the water sports; snorkeling, sailing, skiing… You promised you would teach me how to snorkel, remember?” said Dina.

Another introduction followed (Dina, Jay. Jay, Dina).

I looked at Jay. “Guess that answers your question. We’ll be seeing you later…”

Hmm, met two guys during breakfast. Will there be another ‘but wait, there’s more?’

But wait, there’s more.

“Heey, good morning! How are you feeling??” asked Dina.

“Good.” I said, “Thanks for the aspirins, they surely worked.”

She then gave me a look of ‘…and who is he?’ Dina has been wishing for me to finally hook up with somebody. So every time I spoke with a guy, she will stand next to me to be the first witness in this major world event.

Being first also meant getting ‘the full monty’ of all details, even if, honestly, nothing happened. ‘What do you mean nothing happened?’ was her usual remark, followed by ‘Not even a kiss??’

“Oh, this is Hiio. Hiio, Dina.

I woke up early and let you sleep. When I came for breakfast, him and I were the only ones here, so we sat together.”

I then looked at her like, ‘do you mind? I’m in the middle of something…’

“Hmm, I’m going to sit by the other tables, so when you’re done, come get me,” she concluded.

I told ‘Monty’ about the toast incident, Pirate, and how Dina came to my rescue the night before.

He started laughing not because of what happened (he decided to skip it; he had already ‘partied’ some, and decided to take a break before dinner), but because of ‘that guy behind me.’

“Yeah, I sure do know Pirate. Who doesn’t?” said Hiio. “He’s one of the old timers here in this resort. He’s probably been around the longest of all of us.”

“Is there anything I need to know about him or might make me feel better about what happened to me?” I asked.

“Listen, these type of toasts have been going on probably forever. I even headed some back in the days when I was a GO.

What I can tell you is that they used to be much wilder than what you experienced, and Pirate was just having fun, if that gives you any consolation.

And that’s what you should also do, have fun.”

I know, he’s right. I should apply this not only for this trip, but my life in general.

And just when I was about to finally put this whole incident to rest (not behind me, that’s for sure), speaking of the devil, sure enough walks in (no, not Dina), Pirate.

‘No, not him again.’

I walked up the stairs of the dinning hall and straight into the buffet area where the food was already served. Being the only one there made me feel like a little kid in a candy store where I could take anything I wanted.

I’m doing a walk-through of everything before digging in, when I come face to face with a guy. (Correction, I was the only one there.)

We looked at each other like, ‘whoa, where did you come from??’ We also had a face that we were both in desperate need of some food, so we quickly took separate ways and kept going.

I piled up my plate with food for my first round of eating, and then walked to find myself a table when, sure enough, ‘that guy’ was already seated and once again looking at me.

I looked around at the other empty tables and back again at him, when I figured that the obvious thing was to sit down with him (if he was up to it). In other words, it would have been totally moronic from my part not attempting this.

I mean, wasn’t one of my goals for this trip to have the chance to meet other guys in another light? Duh, as soon as I stepped into the seating area, he stared straight at me.

Translation: it’s a no-brainer that this was one of those moments.

All right, here we go.

et cetera