The New M.E. Generation

Ivan took me to a small but modern-looking bar. Because it was so early in the evening, we were the only ones there.

We ordered drinks and picked up the conversation from the one we had over the phone. We went over again on our reasons for giving online dating a try. It pretty much boiled down that finding a mate has been unsuccessful, and this was the only other option that will hopefully ‘save the day.’

I confessed to him that I was surprised he approached me. I asked him what made him do that.

“I was impressed by your beauty, and then after by your profile,” said he.

I was very flattered by his comment that he found me pretty. I know other guys have said this to me before. But, with him, it felt that he meant it.

“What was about my profile that you liked?” asked I.

“I’m not sure. I guess it was your honesty. All I know is that I wanted to meet you,” said he. “What about you? What made you reply to my email?”

“You know what? I’m not quite sure myself. There was something about your smile, the relaxed way that you looked seated in the stairs with your flip-flops that gave me a good vibe.”

We kept looking at each other and couldn’t stop smiling. After a while we were both at ease and enjoying our date. I was feeling that there was even chemistry between us.

I can’t deny that I felt an attraction to him from the moment I saw his pictures and in person. I really wanted to kiss him or get kissed by him. I even wanted to touch him or get closer to him somehow.

But I was scared that if I took the first step, he would take it the wrong way. I wanted to show him that he had made an impression on me, but not too obvious. I just did not want to mess up this date.

Hmm, wonder if he feels the same. I think he does.

On the Sunday before Jay headed back home, I took him to the ocean area of ‘the city’ to have breakfast and later walk on the beach. The area that I chose has many shops and restaurants, and is walking distance from the water, so it allowed for everything needed for him to enjoy the experience.

When we got to the area, I realized a flea market was being held with all sorts of merchandise: jewelry, art, food, plants, etc. This was great; Jay would get to see another feature of where I lived.

We had brunch and, afterwards, decided to walk around the market, to then end the day by walking on the beach.

As we approached a vendor selling fine jewelry, I came up with an idea that I wasn’t sure how he would approach it.

“Jay, I was thinking, hmm, don’t take it the wrong way, but how about getting a ‘friendship ring’ as a symbol of what we’ve shared together? Just something simple.”

Jay looked at me quite calm, as he had throughout the entire time. My eyes were not exactly looking at his because I was unsure of how he would react.

“I like your idea very much,” said he.

We literally walked every jeweler and were lucky to find an unusual ring with semi-precious stones that really stroke a cord with both of us. It was like the ‘perfect note’ of memories created during his trip. Everything I had hoped for, and more, had become true.

Last item of the day; hit the beach. The day was absolutely gorgeous and the water was even greater. If Jay could have jumped on the water, he would have without a doubt, but we were wearing regular clothes and had no towels with me.

But we made the best of it. We took a long walk on the sand and water, held hands and kissed. I felt totally free, like I was walking on air. I thanked the universe for giving me this blessing.

But this blessing came with a price. Jay lived in Canada, and the chances of surviving, whatever we had, were zero to none.

This thought kept circling in my mind while at the beach, and knew we needed to talk about this before he went back home.

But, as of now, I’m just enjoying this moment and embracing it in such a way it will stay in my heart for a lifetime.

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