The New M.E. Generation

I took the lead once again and walked into where the other bar was located. I walked by the left side and when I was boarding the corner, yep, there he was; that guy.

He saw me and said a very inviting ‘hi’ to approach him. I smiled and walked straight to him. I introduced myself and to his friend, and did the same with the two girls with me to include them.

He said his name was Jeffrey. We were talking in English and when they asked where I was from, it turned out his friend was a fellow ‘homey.’

It was then that the ice was really broken. Everyone talked in Spanish and the encounter became very relaxed.

Somewhere along the conversation, the ‘mysteries’ began, or not disclosing things clearly. I don’t remember how it happened, but the age question was brought up and he said he was about 26 or ‘in his late 20’s.’

Regarding relationship status, Jeff’s friend stated that he was involved in a ‘complicated’ relationship and that the ‘significant other’ (or not) was a psychopath. (Ouch! Am I supposed to feel afraid now?)

When my age was asked, I didn’t exactly said what it was (why should I?), but did made it clear there was a difference of more than just a few years.

We all kept engaged in the conversation until around midnight when the two guys said they had to go (hmm, does the psychopath has anything to do with their departure?).

I don’t remember (yet again) how it happened (who asked first), but an exchange of phone numbers occurred. I do remember thinking about it twice before giving it, and doing so more out of desperation than anything else.

After they left, I kept talking to the girls, but my mind was working at many miles a minute. This was a moment I hadn’t lived in ages and didn’t know what to make of it.

It didn’t even hit me that I’ve had made ‘contact’ with a much younger man than me.

Yes, I didn’t realize I had just become a cougar, or, did I? Or perhaps I just had a ‘cougar moment’ instead?

I don’t know. This was my first time out as a newly single woman and, so far, so good.

In other words, for tonight, I’ll just enjoy it.

I asked ‘that guy’ if I could join him and he gladly complied. (Oh, oh, sounds like a re-run from when I met Brian. Please refer to chapter 3 of ‘You Can Be My Hero’ for details.)

The opening question was, what the heck we were both doing so early at breakfast?

The ‘guy,’ Hiio, a Canadian from Montreal (who I will nickname Monty or Canadian #1), had previously worked for this international resort and came for the week to share with the rest of other former colleagues in an EXGO reunion.

So that’s the ‘big event’ that Dina referred to when she made me the invitation to join her on the trip.

When Hiio said he lives in Montreal, it instantly reminded me of the road trip Mark, my ex-rommate and her former significant other, and I made there during college on a Thanksgiving weekend. (Please refer to ‘The Bostonian’ story.)

I returned there about eight years ago with my ‘x’ and still have very fond memories of both times, and it’s a city I would definitely like to return to again someday. (Hmm, am I already forecasting my next future trip?)

He shared with me that he has a morning show and is Program Director at Mohawk-Radio, a punk rock and roll station, among other things, and came down to Cancun with one of his daughters.

I did share somewhat about my personal life that related to that other chapter in my past existence, but emphasized more on Dina’s friendship and how happy I was for being at the resort.

And speaking of the devil… Just when I was engaged in a very insightful conversation with ‘Monty’ (my toast experience with Pirate), who else could appear out of nowhere, faster than the speed of light, but…Dina!

I walked up the stairs of the dinning hall and straight into the buffet area where the food was already served. Being the only one there made me feel like a little kid in a candy store where I could take anything I wanted.

I’m doing a walk-through of everything before digging in, when I come face to face with a guy. (Correction, I was the only one there.)

We looked at each other like, ‘whoa, where did you come from??’ We also had a face that we were both in desperate need of some food, so we quickly took separate ways and kept going.

I piled up my plate with food for my first round of eating, and then walked to find myself a table when, sure enough, ‘that guy’ was already seated and once again looking at me.

I looked around at the other empty tables and back again at him, when I figured that the obvious thing was to sit down with him (if he was up to it). In other words, it would have been totally moronic from my part not attempting this.

I mean, wasn’t one of my goals for this trip to have the chance to meet other guys in another light? Duh, as soon as I stepped into the seating area, he stared straight at me.

Translation: it’s a no-brainer that this was one of those moments.

All right, here we go.

et cetera